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Wrinkles can be solved with old age.

When the age number increases The next addition is wrinkles and sagging of the face. This is a problem that is caused by a lack of collagen and elastin in the skin layer.

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The structure of our skin consists of many substances. Whether it is amino acids, coenzymes, Q10, ceramides and other important substances that make up a strong skin structure, especially hyaluronic acid, which keeps moisture in the skin layer. It works in tandem with collagen that helps strengthen skin cells and Elastic fiber or elastin, which acts to hold skin cells in proper alignment. Helps maintain youthful elasticity to the skin.

As our age increases after the age of 30+, the body’s production of collagen and elastin decreases gradually. Although the skin still looks moist. But the skin structure is weak and lacks flexibility. The skin mesh looks sagging.

Nowadays, Filler innovations are discovered that help restore skin quickly. Resulting in the development of skin care products in the form of a filler with high elasticity or High Density Hyaluron Filler, which is the addition of concentrated hyaluronic acid, small and large molecular structure, to make the skin strong and flexible. In addition to the essence of hyaluronic acid, some creams also bring silymarin (Silymarin) that has anti-oxidant properties. Helps protect the elastin in the skin from decreasing even with age. And another natural substance that is widely used is argan oil (Argan oil) or pure argan oil with vitamin E, omega 3,6,9 has properties to restore skin cells. Helps to strengthen collagen and elastin in the skin Thereby reducing the deterioration of skin cells and adding moisture to the skin cells.

The integration of various substances As mentioned above, such as silymarin, argan oil and hyaluronic acid. Will be able to help fill the deep wrinkles at all levels. Studies have shown that results can be seen within 8 weeks.

For anyone over the age of 30+, the skin structure of the face is not the same. need to maintain and take care of yourself don’t give collagen Excess elastin and moisture in the skin are lost. If you lose a lot, it will definitely cause wrinkles.

The best skin care routine should be done both in the morning and at bedtime. especially while we are sleeping. Our body will repair the cells that have deteriorated. Using innovative Hyaluron HD filler products before bedtime can effectively enhance skin rejuvenation. because while the skin cells are repairing themselves Substances in the product will fill the wrinkles to be shallower. therefore can reduce wrinkles and stimulates the mechanism of regeneration of sagging skin cells to be smooth, bouncy, firm in a faster time