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Why Sell On  AWS Marketplace?

What do you mean by AWS Marketplace?

AWS Marketplace is the online store that allows consumers to make comparisons, search, and can ultimately buy the vendor software available on the AWS platform. The consumers of the AWS Marketplace can easily launch the preconfigured software. Also, it has the facility to pay for purchasing the software per hour or month, so that customers don’t need to pay any extra charges as they are required to pay the money only for those periods when they make the use of the software. The AWS can very easily manage the payments and billing process of the customers, and add the software charges to the bills of the customers. Today, in this article I will explain the benefits to sell on AWS Marketplace.

AWS Marketplace makes shopping easy.

It is very simple to purchase software products from the AWS platform; users simply need to create an account in an AWS marketplace and then they can purchase software from any seller on the AWS platform. One thing that every consumer should understand before purchasing any software is about the Elastic Compute Cloud. They should be familiar with it. Because of the ease of purchase, an increasing number of customers are turning to the AWS marketplace to purchase software products. As a result, it is very beneficial for companies to sell their software products on the AWS Marketplace because they can receive more profit by selling their softwares  through the AWS platform.

AWS Marketplace has a range of big and small software development companies.

Several large and small software development companies offer their software on AWS Marketplaces such as

Check Point, CA, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, and Red Hat. As a result, any software company, whether large or small, can easily sell their software products to the customers and make enough money.

The AWS marketplace can effectively handle all consumer payments?

Whenever a customer purchases software from the AWS marketplace, the cloud provider can conveniently add the cost of the software to the customer’s invoice. Also, AWS will easily manage their customers’ bills.

Apart from that, AWS provides a variety of options to pay for the software, including free, hourly, and monthly-based payments. Buyers can purchase the program using any of the methods mentioned above. It is easier for tech companies to market their software and boost their profits because of the simple payment system and management process.

Companies can share and sell software products with a large audience.

By using AWS Marketplace to buy software products, software development companies, data providers, and consulting partners can easily promote and sell their software and services to more than 290,000 active users per month, which can be very beneficial especially for the new software development companies as they can easily earn a lot of profit in a short span of time with AWS marketplace.


Hope after reading this article you’ll get enough knowledge regarding the benefits of selling software products on AWS Marketplace. Therefore, if you’re also searching for a platform to sell your software products then your wait is over now, just visit AWS marketplace and start to sell on AWS Marketplace

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