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Why do students prefer DK Goel Solutions for Accountancy?

Accountancy is a complex subject. In fact, it is the most complex and the toughest among all the core subjects of the class 12th commerce curriculum. Establishing a strong foothold in the subject is important for cracking the chartered accountancy exam, which is the ultimate dream of most commerce students. Company accounts, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and more are very conceptual and tough to grasp. The most useful tool a student can get is the right reference book.

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The NCERT book for CBSE class 11th and 12th accountancy is the basic requirement but not enough. For a more conceptual build-up and crystal-clear concepts, you need a good reference book, and DK Goel for accountancy has been the most-voted choice among commerce students. Why is it the most popular choice? Let’s find out.

  •       The author of the book Mr DK Goel is one of the best authors of all times for books concerning finance and accountancy. It is owing to his books that so many students have been able to realize their dreams of becoming chartered accountants. He is one of the most loved accountancy teachers of all time as he imparts knowledge to his students by evoking their interest in the subject. With his in-depth knowledge and passion for the subject, DK Goel has registered his name among the top accountancy experts in the country. He even won a gold medal in his masters. Goel has, in the past,  stressed the fact that his sole motive is to instil interest and confidence for accountancy among the students by helping them understand the subject in the simplest way possible. So, it’s natural that his books contain concepts in the simplest grass-root level that are very easy for students to grasp and understand.Visit Here: magazines2
  •       Class 11th is the time when commerce students are introduced to accountancy subjects for the very first time. It’s very important for them to build a strong foundation in the subject from the very beginning. The majority of commerce experts and teachers recommend DK Goel’s class 11th Accountancy for concept-building and problem-solving. This book contains 27 chapters that effectively cover all the concepts of accountancy in the simplest manner possible. The book systematically lists all the chapters from ground level followed by questions of all kinds based on the particular concepts. Easily available online as DK Goel Solutions Class 11 Accountancy Download PDF, this solution book gives chapter-wise solutions to all the questions given in the textbook. The book and solution key both are heavily customized by the author to ensure concept-building using the simplest language possible. The students can blindly follow the book to understand the subject and develop an interest in it.Visit The Site: artdailymagazine
  •       All the topics, chapters, and question banks designed in the book are strictly in accordance with the NCERT curriculum for the commerce stream. The topics are all listed in a clear, organized chapter-wise manner that ensures maximum transparency and clarity regarding the syllabus. The solutions given are also very systematically solved and intended to clarify students’ doubts and not confuse them. The questions are given in the book also cover a wide range going from simple to complex in a staggered manner so that students can follow easily and not get overwhelmed. Once the students have got a grip on the concept and solved basic questions, they can proceed onto the complex ones and can easily tackle them as well.Visit Here: newspulsee.com
  •       If previous year trends are to be followed, the majority of questions in the CBSE Accountancy board examination were asked from DK Goel’s accountancy book itself. So, it’s in the student’s best interest to follow this book right from the beginning itself. The concepts used are simple, clear, and easy to grasp and the question bank of the book is of a decent level.
  •       Most commerce students have the ultimate dream of cracking the chartered accountant examination. The students and exam experts know the importance of accountancy subjects in this highly competitive exam very well. The accountancy subject covers a bulk of the questions asked in the CA exam as well as other competitive exams for the commerce stream as well. So, it becomes mandatory for students who aim to prepare for these exams, to get a stronghold over the subject. Most of the coaching experts and teachers recommend DK Goel accountancy solutions for initial preparation as it’s best for building concepts and clarifying the basics. Practising questions from the book has proved beneficial for students in the past and many ex-toppers have recommended the same especially for school students who wish to kick start their CA exam preparation right from the start. Click here websflow.net
  •       Accountancy in class 12th is quite challenging. While the subject consists of basic and crucial topics in class 11th, class 12th has more complex topics with heavy calculations and tougher numerical problems that test a student’s hold over the subject. However, DK Goel solutions explain them in the simplest and best way possible that is extremely easy for students to understand which is the whole point of a good book. Every chapter laid in the book has meaningful illustrations with detailed explanations followed by systematically solved problems at the end. All the topics strictly adhere to the CBSE curriculum so that students appearing for board examinations can get the maximum benefit from it.Read More About:  magazineview
  •       These books for accountancy are regularly updated according to the latest CBSE and NCERT guidelines and curriculum. According to the board’s regulations, every chapter and every topic is formulated with extreme care, covering every concept in great detail so the students can extract maximum knowledge from it. Every chapter also has previous year questions from respective topics, thus giving students an idea of marking schemes, the level of questions asked, and question pattern that can be expected in boards accountancy paper. This helps students retain maximum marks in the examination.Read More About: mediaposts.net