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Why Can’t I Access My Facebook Business Page Anymore?

If you’re wondering, “Why can’t I access my Facebook business page anymore,” you’re not alone. Business owners have lost access to their page in one of two ways. Sometimes, you’ve accidentally removed someone who managed it, or your own Facebook account has been deactivated. In either case, Facebook won’t be much help. The best way to fix it is to assign another admin to the page, and give them the appropriate level of access.

To get back in touch with Facebook, you need to be logged out and click the Forgotten Account? link. You’ll be asked for your email address and phone number. Make sure you have the email of a trusted employee or former coworker. Once you’ve done that, open the email to find the password reset link. Facebook may ask you to verify your business page, but that’s only an anti-spam measure. To prevent this issue, you should designate trusted employees as Admins of your page.

If you’ve accidentally removed your business page, don’t despair. You can easily regain admin access by contacting the page’s admin. However, if you’ve accidentally deleted your page, it will be labelled as an unofficial page. If you’re unsure whether or not you’re the right owner of the page, you can report it as infringing. You can also remove yourself from your business page if you’ve accidentally removed it.