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Which Leased Lines UK Providers Offer the Best Value For Money?

You can choose from a number of Leased Lines UK providers to meet your individual needs. Choose a provider that offers a range of speeds and bearer sizes, and flexible contract terms. For example, BT provides leased lines with a 99% uptime guarantee and offers high-speed connections for cloud applications.


BTnet Leased Lines UK is a reliable and flexible option for companies. Its Ethernet fibre service is capable of delivering up to 35 Mbps upload speed. The service is available throughout the UK. The company also offers a low rental fee and lag guarantee.

City of London Telecommunications

Founded in 1995, City of London Telecommunications started as a provider of leased lines in the financial district of London. In recent years, the company has expanded its coverage to include the Docklands and central Birmingham. Its primary focus is providing connectivity to large businesses and organisations across the UK and Europe. Today, the company services 19,800 buildings in 22 countries.

TalkTalk Business

A TalkTalk Business Leased Line is an internet connection that is dedicated exclusively to your business. It is designed for businesses of all sizes and comes with a range of features. These features include a dedicated IP address, a business-grade broadband package, and professional support.

CCS Leeds

When it comes to running a business, the importance of high-speed internet cannot be underestimated. Today’s business environment is constantly changing and moving online, so a business needs a reliable connection that can serve its entire staff and stay connected. It is also crucial that the internet service is secure for all company data, and offer the highest speeds possible. The most cost-effective solution is to use leased lines, which offer the best value for money.

BTnet express

BTnet express leased lines provide business with a flexible solution to meet their bandwidth and connectivity requirements. They come with low latency and fixed prices and are supported by dedicated technical support. Furthermore, they are available across the UK, including rural locations.

BTnet leased lines

The benefits of BTnet leased lines are many, and there is a wide range of options available. BT offers a 100% uptime guarantee and four-hour target fix, flexibility with 100Mbs to 1Gbps circuit limits, and guaranteed uptime on the core network of 95ms or less, transatlantic. If you’re not sure whether BTnet is right for your business, you can speak to a technical representative for further information.

City of London Telecommunications leased lines

City of London Telecommunications was founded in the financial district of London and has since expanded to cover Docklands, central Birmingham and Manchester. It focuses on connecting European cities and providing telecommunications services to large organisations. The company’s service area covers more than 19000 buildings in 22 countries.

BTnet express leased lines

BTnet express leased lines offer ultra-low latency and high-speed delivery. They also include Cisco Meraki software to protect your network against cyber threats. BT tends to be the most expensive leased-line provider when selling direct, but you can find cheaper rates through resellers. The reseller will usually pass these savings on to you.