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Where to Store Your Travel Umbrella

There are many items that people should simply have around, period. One of those items is a travel umbrella. You never know when the weather is going to change from sunny to rainy. But often when it does rain, it pours. And you get soaked.

There is nothing worse than getting caught in a rainstorm and not having a way to seek shelter. All of a sudden you find yourself sopping wet and your day is instantly ruined. Unless, of course, you can whip out an umbrella to provide you with instant coverage from the rain.

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But if you are going to get an umbrella, you are going to want to get a quality one. There is no point in even carrying one around if it is going to be flimsy and break after just a few uses.

So we have put together all you need to know when it comes to looking for the top qualities in an umbrella, along with the best places to store them for that rainy day.

Top Qualities in a Travel Umbrella

1. Ensure It Has a Canopy Shape

The more domed shape the umbrella the better protection from the rain you are going to get. The best travel umbrellas offer a canopy dome that then easily compacts down into a travel umbrella that can be packed away with ease.

2. It Has Vents

When it rains, there will likely be wind as well. So you will also want to make sure that your travel umbrella has vents so that your umbrella does not get forced to flip inside out. The best vents will allow for wind to easily travel through while equally ensuring you do not get wet.

3. A Great Handle

The better the handle, the easier it will be to hold. You will want to make sure that your umbrella has a solid grip that both of your hands can easily hold on to. Not only will it help provide more comfort, but allow you to hold on for longer periods of time. The handle should be slim rather than bulky.

4. Easy to Open

When it rains, you likely will not have much time to prepare for it. So you will want an umbrella that you can easily pop open in a matter of seconds. The quicker it is to assemble, the drier you will remain. Plus, the easier it is to open, the less likelihood of your fingers getting pinched.

5. Affordable to Buy

You should not have to spend a fortune on a quality umbrella to travel with. In fact, the best ones should be something that the average income can easily afford while still getting the maximum benefits from the features

Top Places to Store Your Umbrella

1. In Your Backpack

When you are on the go, chances are you will have a backpack with you. A travel umbrella fits perfectly in your backpack and can likely even go in one of the water bottle pockets on the exterior as well. When you do pack your bag, you will want to make sure that it is not buried under a million things though. The last thing you’ll want to do when it starts raining is waste precious time digging through your bag to pull it out. Keep it accessible at all times.

2. In the Car

Another great location for your travel umbrella is in your car. There are tons of storage options in your car where it can easily fit without cluttering it up. This is a great place to keep one of your travel umbrellas because it can stay in your car at all times unless you are actually using it. Chances are you will be in your car when you go most places, so if a random rainstorm happens that the forecast did not predict, you won’t be phased as you can just reach over and grab your travel umbrella from your car.

3. In Your Suitcase

If you are traveling and need to pack a suitcase, make sure you pack a travel umbrella in there too. When you are traveling, you will likely be doing a lot of walking and will not have the normal comforts of home with you. Storing a travel umbrella in your suitcase means that you can easily take protection from the rain with you wherever you do end up going.

4. In Your Office

Leaving a travel umbrella in your office is another great storage location. If you need to jet out of the office for a lunch meeting and realize last minute it is raining, you do not have to worry about getting to your car soaked from the rain. Instead, you can simply pick up the umbrella at your desk and walk outside protected.


Once you find the best travel umbrella, store it in these four great locations.



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