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What is your perfect Moissanite Shape?

Looking for stunning moissanite jewelry? Still confused about which shape to choose? Which cut should you pick? There’s no need to trouble at all! We all fall in love with mesmerizing moissanite gold jewelry due to its shimmery hues, eye-catching qualities, and long-lasting durability. These dazzling stones are often used to craft sparkly pieces of jewelry like moissanite rings, vintage earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that won’t wrong.

Moissanite has been cherished for centuries because of its strength and luster, also looks similar to diamonds. Finding the best cut of moissanite requires a combination of your personal preferences, budget, and sense of style. The ideal cut for moissanite depends on how it impacts this refined gemstone. Each cut influences dispersion differently, affecting how the stone reflects light and produces its unique sparkle and color. Let’s find out the perfect moissanite shape that aligns with your style and personality.

Meaning of Moissanite, Its Symbolism 

Mostly, we often mistake moissanite as a diamond alternative, yet it stands as a unique gemstone with its own hardness scale, sparkle, and chemical composition as well. Apart from its diamond-like appearance, many pieces of jewelry enthusiasts pick moissanite for engagement rings due to its affordability and its distinctive qualities from diamonds. This dazzling stone makes a perfect choice for various kinds of accessories that are a must-have addition to your jewelry box.

What about its origin?  it’s a shimmery stone, that was found in a meteorite crater in Arizona in 1893 with the help of Heinrich Moissan. At first, it was believed that they were diamonds, but after closer examination, it was realized that their composition was different from diamonds.

Moissanite is composed of silicon carbide and stands out for its incredible hardness. Therefore, it is by far considered a suitable alternative to diamonds. Every other aspect of its growing call is due to it being far created in a lab and causing no harm to the surroundings.

Now that we have an honest review about moissanite, it allows us to go through a brief understanding of moissanite shapes.

Popular Cuts of Moissanite Gemstone 

Daily rising popularity of moissanite allow us to get this mesmerizing stone for wearing on casual wear apparels. The gem is available in a wide variety of shapes and cuts that can be also customized as per your needs and preferences. The trendiest shapes of moissanite shapes that’ll be treasured forever are as follows: –

  1. Round Cut
  2. Princess Cut
  3. Cushion Cut
  4. Emerald Cut
  5. Oval Cut
  6. Pear Cut
  7. Marquise-Cut
  8. Radiant Cut

How about exploring these stunning cuts in detail in order to get a proper understanding of them and what makes them unique from others: –

Round Cut 

Also referred to as brilliant cut, round cut moissanite is loved by every kind of woman due to the classic and sophisticated, which goes elegantly with any type of jewelry. The most popular shape for the majority of the moissanite available in the market. The cut is famous for its brilliance and its uncanny habit of reflecting light. These properties make them a popular choice among people.

Princess Cut 

The princess cut is truly fitting for a princess and a perfect choice for a wedding ring. The cut was developed in 1961 in London by Arpad Nagy.The cut is renowned for its clean lines and brilliance as it has a rectangular or square shape and pointed corners. The design offers a modern and geometric look.The reason for the popularity of the cut lies in the fact that it is one of the first cuts to combine step cut design with the regular round cut.

Cushion Cut

A cushion cut has been valued since ancient times that is believed to be the perfect mix of a square cut and a round cut. This shape has larger facets and rounded corners which gives it a softened rectangular or square appearance. It possesses a beautiful sparkle and is an ideal choice if you want a romantic or vintage feel.

Emerald Cut

This Emerald Cut is one of the most favorite gemstone cut among the vintage jewelry lovers. The unique depth of this emerald cut comes from the large table (the top flat part of the stone). If you want a cut with angular shape of square cut together with an oval shape properties. You will surely love it! (This cut may not sparkle that much, but the clarity of this cut is exceptional). 

Oval Cut

The oval cut is highly used by expert gemologist to craft a wide ranges of moissanite jewelry. Even the cut complements your gold jewelry because they are elongated, flattering, and holds a unique appearance. The cut has 70 facets that showcase its timeless beauty. Another unique aspect associated with the oval cut is that it elongates the fingers of its wearer and changes the way a finger’s length or shape appears.

Pear Cut

The distinctive aspect associated with the pear-shaped cut is that it has the power to charm not only its wearer but also its admirers as its shape resembles a teardrop.The pear cut is the perfect blend of oval and marquise plus the sparkle and facets displayed by the cut are just perfect! The cut is the ideal choice for people looking for a unique blend of tradition and distinctiveness.

Marquise Cut

The marquise cut is also referred to as navette cut as it signifies a bit of the Renaissance period. The cut is known for its eye-catching and elegant appearance. Want to know a fascinating aspect of marquise cut? After adorning your finger with the marquise-cut moissanite ring, you will feel an elongated and flattering effect on your fingers.

Radiant Cut

As the name suggests, radiant cut is all about beauty and inner brilliance. It is a perfect blend of the brilliance of a round shape with the elegance of an emerald cut. It is one of the original step cuts and has derived its name from the emerald cutting process which was done years ago. It has a rectangular shape with step-cut facets. Its a classy and elegant of all cuts as it showcases clarity more than brilliance.

Wrapping Up 

Now that you have perfect knowledge about the various cuts of moissanite, it is easier for you to decide which cut is more appealing to your eyes.While placing the order you must consider factors such as preference, style, and the setting of the stone as all that matters.If you wish to wear something unique, you can connect with us and share your requirements and we will be more than happy to create the design you aspire for.