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What is the Role of Laws in Domestic Violence?

The laws for domestic violence cases differ from one state to the other, which makes it impossible to state any one definition of domestic violence. While some states consider domestic violence as any other violence, other states treat them more seriously. If you are in a situation like this in your marriage seek help from an Andover divorce attorney. A divorce attorney will help you from freeing yourself from a toxic marriage. This blog aims to serve the basic queries that you might have regarding domestic violence.

Arrest Laws

Back in time, offices that called for help in domestic violence did not arrest the abusers. Instead asked the couple to “cool off”. It did not ensure the safety of the victim as the abuser was not punished in any way. But the laws have upgraded and the officers have the right to arrest the abuser or both the abuser and the victim. 

Help from Legal Communities

The different law firms throughout the country are extending their domestic abuse services to serve more and more people who fall victim to the nastiness. The legal industry is dedicated to brushing up on its skills in dealing with sexual assault cases. Any divorce lawyer does not have the correct set of skills to deal with a domestic violence case. It needs special training and experience to deal with such cases. The legal industry is building a community where the survivors can find shelter and support after they got themselves freed from the toxic relationship. 

Victim Rights

After you file a case about domestic violence, the court will pass an order to keep the abuser away from you. You will be granted a separate waiting area and different court timings. That means you won’t have to go through the trauma of fracking your abusing spouse. However, this is only for the time when you are in court. If you want to keep your partner away from you at home or in any other place you will need to request the court to pass a restraining order. You will be notified by the court about all the stages of the case like:

  • Guilty pleas
  • Sentencing 
  • Parole hearing

You also have the right to demand compensation for hospital charges, loss of income, etc.


Finally, you can get a divorce with the help of a divorce lawyer. They will do all the needful so that your abuser is out of your life. If you are in such a situation right now, call 911.