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What is FMCG, and What are India’s Top 5 FMCG Stocks?

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) make up one of the largest industries in India. This sector has seen rapid growth due to urbanisation, variation in lifestyle, rise in disposable income, etc.

There is a significant shift from traditional grocery stores to modern retail stores. Nowadays, consumers shop for different FMCG products online instead of visiting stores, therefore saving time, effort, and money.

What is FMCG?

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), also known as Consumer Packaged Goods, refers to those products or items with high demand, are affordable, sold quickly, and are designed for frequent use.

They tend to stay on shelves in the market for a shorter period. These are daily-use products and include clothing, food, beverages, personal grooming products, household products, etc.

These are made for mass consumption and are widely available, making them highly affordable compared to other goods.

Top 5 FMCG Stocks in India

1. Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL)

Founded in 1933, HUL is India’s largest FMCG company. This company operates in home care, personal care, and refreshments. The company’s sales exceed $60 billion annually across 150 countries. It ranks among one of the largest consumer companies worldwide. The current HUL share price is INR 2,238 (as of June 29, 2022).

2. Dabur India Limited

Dabur was founded in 1884 in Kolkata. The company debuted in the market as a health care products manufacturer and later manufactured and marketed ayurvedic products, pharmaceuticals, and food items. The current Dabur share price is INR 500 (as of July 2022).

3. Indian Tobacco Company (ITC) Limited

ITC was founded in 1910. The Indian Tobacco Company (ITC) is a leading FMCG brand in India. ITC’s main product line is cigarettes, but they aren’t just limited to that. Popular products manufactured by ITC include Bingo Chips, Aashirwad atta, Vivel, Classmate stationery, Savlon, Sunfeast Yippee!, and Fiama. The current ITC share price is INR 274 (as of July 2022).

4. Bajaj Consumer Care Limited

Bajaj Consumer Care was founded in 1930 and is one of India’s oldest and most trusted FMCG brands. The main product line includes personal care, hair, and beauty products. The current Bajaj Consumer share price is INR 141 (as of July 2022).

5. Britannia Industries Limited

It was founded as a biscuit-making company in Calcutta in 1892. However, the company soon added more to its portfolio and manufactured bread, cakes, rusk, and dairy products such as milk, butter, ghee, and curd. The current Britannia share price is INR 3,140 (as of July 24, 2022).


FMCG is an evergreen sector of the economy that is capable of registering high growth numbers even in volatile market situations. If you are interested in investing in the FMCG category online, make use of the list shared above. However, be sure to invest as per your trading preferences and risk appetite.