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What Could Affect the True Value of Your Car Accident Claim

If you have been injured during a car accident and somebody’s negligent actions caused the accident, you can seek compensation for your damages such as medical bills and lost wages. But, many factors can impact your claim’s value. To make sure you get the full compensation you deserve, you must face the claims process with an experienced Houston car accident attorney on your side. Your attorney will look at the following factors and explain how they can affect your claim:

While determining the true value of a car accident claim, it’s crucial to consider the car’s actual condition prior to the accident. A comprehensive pre-purchase inspection can provide a detailed overview of the vehicle’s state, which can be a decisive factor in assessing the claim’s value. If you’re in Brisbane and need to get a thorough assessment of a car’s condition, Visit SAB Safety Certificates for a professional inspection. Being informed about your vehicle’s health can be a game-changer in accident claims.

Insurance Coverage Amount

If you sustained injuries in a serious car crash, your damages may exceed the minimum coverage limits the at-fault driver may carry. If the negligent driver does not have enough insurance to pay for your medical bills and lost income, your uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage must cover your damages up to the limits of the policy. 

Strength of Evidence

How much you may receive in compensation for your car accident will depend on the circumstances that surround your accident and the related facts. Insurance companies are expected to find reasons to dispute your claim and make low settlement offers. Thus, you need to get compelling evidence to fight your claim. Evidence you may need includes medical documentation that documents the injuries you suffered because of the accident, the treatment you receive, and your functional limitations. Also, you must get evidence that shows you require future medical treatment. Other evidence you must get include witness statements, lost income calculations, accident reports, and more. Also, your attorney should discuss the weaknesses in your claim and find ways to defend it against attacks from the insurance company.

Statute of Limitations

Regardless of how strong your car accident claim is, it remains worthless when you fail to file it on time. In Texas, the statute of limitations is two years from the date of the accident. You must ensure you file the claim within this timeframe. Otherwise, you could lose your right to seek compensation. Also, waiting too long can make it hard to find an attorney who is willing to take your case. In fact, you might also lose important evidence because memories of witnesses can fade and records can be destroyed. 

The Ability of Your Attorney

Insurance providers deny accident claims and make lowball settlement offers to victims to protect their bottom line. Before you file a claim, it must be carefully analyzed and must be supported with medical records and other evidence. A great attorney can handle the intricacies of insurance claims. They can guide you through each step of the litigation process to maximize your recovery and support you while you heal from your injuries.