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Vintage Jewellery Is Back In Vogue

With rising trends in jewellery, antique jewellery is coming back and making a style statement. Any jewellery that dates back around 50 to 100 years is known as vintage. To be more precise, jewellery belonging to 1920 -1970 are considered vintage jewellery. Brands promote their patterns through celebrities, which has helped antique and other vintage jewellery find its marketplace once again.

How did Vintage Jewellery Capture the Market?

A few years ago, the famous Bollywood movie called Jodhaa Akbar released after dubbing in various languages. The gold ornaments worn by the lead role Aishwarya Rai dazzled so much that it captured so many hearts. Later, the Tanishq brand, owned by Titan Company Ltd., spend several weeks learning and mastering the art of making the Mughal era jewellery designs. Then they marketed them under the name of the Jodhaa Akbar collection. This led to a great demand for those products, and this was how vintage gold collections came into trend very recently.

What are the Kinds of Indian Vintage Jewellery?

Jewellery is seeking popularity by incorporating contemporary designs with a vintage finish. So, some of the vintage jewellery patterns according to recent times are:

  • Kundan jewellery from Rajasthan is an example of a rich legacy and is made of pure Kundan stones embedded in different kinds of ornament.
  • Meenakari is enamel handwork on jewellery and is so beautiful that people make figurines on it and adore them.
  • The Addige necklace of South India is another popular vintage design that has the double-headed eagle on it. This is called ghandabherunda motif and is inspired by the insignia of the kings of Mysore.
  • Rose-cut diamonds are a newer facet of diamond jewellery cutting patterns that are much closer to raw diamonds in appearance. Solitaire rings for women of these patterns were in great demand in the Victorian and Nizam Era.

Reasons to Invest in Vintage Jewellery

  • It is value for money, and original vintage jewellery from a century back is exempted from VAT. This means that the customer will have to pay nearly 20% less with no manufacturing costs. Most importantly, it will retain the value, and therefore the purchase value remains the same always. This is because it is already old jewellery.
  • It is the best collectable as vintage and antique jewellery are unmatchable to any contemporary jewellery. Its quality is way better than any modern jewellery as these were only hand-made and hand-finished. The artisans of those days also spent more time creating unique ornament with high skills.
  • The diamonds of those days are so precious as they were processed with utmost care and then created into jewellery. Items like real diamond rings and diamond studs were not mass-produced, so they stayed unique in designs and make. No identical matches were possible, and this is the most important advantage of owning antique jewellery. The quality of the vintage ornaments is good as the skilled artisans made them remarkably intact and in good condition with no adulteration.
  • Vintage jewellery is authentic and has a story to tell, making them unique.

Vintage jewellery is a kind of ornament that has a personal style, and the fun and feel of collecting and purchasing old jewellery is a different thrill. The art of understanding the old types and recognising the making techniques is another area of knowledge possessed by only a few lucky souls.

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