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Using Oil Absorbing Moisturizer & Other Ways to Stop Shine

People who have a problem with excess oil will know how shiny the problem can make them look. Even shortly after a bath, the oil just seems to keep coming back, often resulting in sufferers having to carry around wads of blotting paper to soak it up during the day. Thankfully, relief is available for the problem in the form of oil absorbing moisturizer, but there are other methods you can use. 

No one should have to put up with looking like they’ve just been sprayed with baby oil, so here are some useful tips on how to keep that shine under control. 

Oil Absorbing Moisturizer Gives You a Clue About Your Skin Products

When you’re trying to control oil on your face, it pays to know what kind of skincare products you should be adding to your collection. Oil absorbing moisturizer is a great example of what we mean, as it’s specially formulated for people with excess sebum. By reading the labels properly, you’ll know what’s inside, and you should be looking for terms like ‘non-comedogenic’ or ‘non-acnegenic’, as they’re designed to provide relief without side effects. 

Don’t Overwash, Or You’ll Cause More Issues

There’s a real tendency for people to want to keep washing their faces to rid themselves of that icky oily feeling, but by doing so, you could be making things worse for yourself. Continually washing your skin will strip it of its natural oils and perhaps trigger even more sebum to be produced. Rather than reducing the oil on your face, it’ll actually cause there to be more to deal with. 

Modify Your Toner Use

Another measure you can take is to adjust the toner you use to one that doesn’t dry out the skin and trigger more oil production. Toners that use alcohol as their base will typically dry out the top layer of your skin, again causing more oil to appeal. Go for something like micellar water that with both protect and mattify your skin without stimulating those oil glands.

Always, Always Wear Sunscreen 

Everyone knows that unprotected sun exposure will damage the skin, but not as many know that it also dries it out. As such, you should always look to wear sunscreen, so it’s a matter of finding a product that’s not going to cause problems for your oily skin. Zinc oxide mineral sunscreens are the best option and will ensure you stay oil-free and young looking. 

Oil Absorbing Moisturizer Is Great For Excess Sebum

In conclusion, when you have a product like an oil-controlling moisturizer at your disposal, it’s going to give you a great chance of stopping that annoying shiny look. We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with a shiny complexion, not least because it’s embarrassing and uncomfortable. 

It’s about getting out there and doing a bit of research – just as you did when you found our little blog. By educating yourself about the triggers of excess oil, you’ll better understand the best way to treat it. 

Once upon a time, you’d have to take the word of the person down at your local drugstore, but thanks to the modern paradigm that is the internet, every bit of information you need is right there at your fingertips.