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Using GogoPDF When Converting, Splitting, and Merging PDFs

Portable Document File or PDF is known for being among the most used file formats. As a result, various online tools helped people alter their PDF files. However, you must always check the reliability of your desired tool. One of the web-based tools you can surely trust is the GogoPDF. Here are some tools from GogoPDF that you can try:

Convert Your File Formats Using GogoPDF

Many people experience the trouble of having an altered format when printing their Word document files. To eliminate this problem, you can try to convert your Word document file into a PDF file. With this, you will have no problem losing essential formats such as spacing, indentions, and fonts.

Searching for a tool online is an easy task. You need to be mindful of what tool to use since many web-based tools do not provide the best possible results. GogoPDF is one of the most reliable tools for converting a file format among the many online tools. Using its Word to PDF File Conversion Tool, transforming your Word document into a PDF file is an easy task.

The first method of converting your Word document into a PDF using GogoPDF is that you need to look for a Word document from your device and place it in GogoPDF’s File Conversion Tool. Once you are done, let GogoPDF do the job. It will analyze and convert your file into a PDF in just a minute or less.

After the conversion, you can start downloading your newly converted file. If there are other file formats you need to convert into PDF files, such as PPT, Excel, and JPG, you can use the same procedure. You can also try to transform your PDF file into other file formats. GogoPDF has truly made file format conversion a lot easier!

How To Split A PDF File

The benefit of having your file converted into a PDF file is that your file cannot be altered. However, once your boss asks you to remove a particular page from your newly submitted report and transfer that page from another file, you would surely have difficulty doing it.

You cannot wallow in despair and cry in the corner of your office or do the entire report again since it would consume a lot of time. You can make this task more manageable if you split PDF file using GogoPDF’s Split PDF Tool. This tool has the most uncomplicated and most straightforward procedures.

To start, select a PDF file from your computer or laptop and place it in GogoPDF’s system. After that, you can choose an option on what page/s you need to split from the original file. Once done, GogoPDF will do the work for you. It will start analyzing and splitting the page/s of your PDF file.

Once it is ready, you can start downloading your newly split pdf to jpg file. GogoPDF has made it easier for you. It would not be possible without the sophisticated technology of GogoPDF. The entire process of splitting a PDF file has never been this doable. Experience this convenience in splitting a PDF file using GogoPDF!

Easy PDF Merger

Organizing your various PDF files helps you to be more productive in your task. Once your files are organized, you can easily access these PDF files. If you have files you can use in similar tasks, you can try to manage these files using a PDF merger tool. You can find this tool online. But always choose the best tool so you will not experience trouble in merging your files.

One of the most trusted web-based tools is the GogoPDF. Using GogoPDF’s Merge PDF Tool, you can have the easiest and most straightforward method of combining or merging your PDF files. GogoPDF assures you will have a blissful experience when using this merging tool. Simply follow these procedures:

  • Choose the PDF files you need to combine and place them in GogoPDF’s Merger Tool.
  • After that, GogoPDF will start analyzing and merging your PDF files.
  • Wait for a minute or less until the entire process is done.
  • Download your newly merged PDF files online!


It is without a doubt that GogoPDF is one of the most reliable, fastest, and safest web-based tools you can use when converting, merging, and splitting your PDF files. They also have other tools that you find on their website. You can also avail of their limited free trial promo! Go ahead give GogoPDF a try!