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Unlocking Free Marijuana what can and can’t

Hemp and cosmetics

Before starting a CBD shop, you must know the acts for it.

  • Selling cannabis-containing cosmetics, hemp does not require a permit. but must sell only cosmetics that have been registered and labeled in Thai
  • The use of cannabis, hemp, and CBD (Cannabidiol) extracts as cosmetic ingredients Must comply with the Cosmetics Act B.E. 2558 as follows:
  • Prescribe oil or hemp oil extract. There must be trace amounts of THC contaminants in the raw materials. and finished products not more than 0.2% w/w (by weight), except Soft gelatin. Capsule/oral/hidden areas must contain THC contaminants not more than 0.001% w/w and show a warning as scheduled.
  • Requires the use of the cannabis-hemp part in cosmetics. Requires a THC content of no more than 0.2% w/w for use with rinse-off products only. Do not use with oral products or intimate areas. and show warnings as scheduled
  • Extracts containing CBD from cannabis and hemp as raw materials must have no more than 0.2% w/w of THC, except for finished oil/soft gelatin capsule products that contain no THC contaminants. Exceeds 0.001% w/w, where the maximum CBD concentration in the finished product must not exceed 1% w/w, and warnings are given on time.

All of the acts are maintained by a CBD shop. Hemp raw materials, hemp, and CBD extracts must only be locally produced raw materials.

Hemp and food

  • After unlocking, it is allowed to use cannabis – hemp in food products for consumption only that are grown and produced in Thailand. By specifying the parts of the plant that are used for the utilization of food, including
  • Bark, stem, fibers, branches, and roots
  • Hemp seeds Hemp seed oil or hemp seed extract.
  • Leaves without tops or bouquets attached.
  • CBD extract must contain THC not more than 0.2% by dry weight.
  • Residues or residues from cannabis extraction: The substance must contain THC not more than 0.2% by dry weight.
  • In the case of using cannabis, hemp, and CBD extracts to cook for sale. Able to apply for recipe registration or permission to use food labels to obtain a number on the food directory with conditions, quantities, and warnings by the announcement. The entrepreneur must apply for a food production facility and get a food serial number from the Food and Drug Administration or the Provincial Public Health Office.
  • In the case of using parts of marijuana, hemp, to be cooked for sale in a restaurant No need to ask for permission from the FDA, but must comply with the announcement of the Department of Health regarding the use of cannabis leaves in making, cooking or cooking in a food business B.E. safe to eat and display a warning for items containing cannabis or hemp on the package. Hanfpost CBD shop provides the best quality CBD food.

Process for Hemp importĀ 

  • It is forbidden to import extracts from all parts of the cannabis plant, hemp, except for research purposes. or is a government agency for medical use only
  • Extract all parts of cannabis, and hemp, a quality control substance, in the analysis and quality control of drug testing in the body for use as a medical device. It is not classified as a Category 5 narcotic, and its importation must be permitted under the law on medical devices.
  • The importation of finished products containing extracts and ingredients from all parts of cannabis, hemp, is not classified as a category five narcotic drug to proceed according to the law on health products.
  • Importing cannabis seeds and other parts of hemp into health products or as a raw material for the production of extracts must obtain permission to import according to the Plant Quarantine Act.