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Understanding Concrete Wall Sawing And Plunge Sawing

When you are involved in an extensive construction project, there may be a time where you may be required to cut into concrete at some point. You may have to cut through a concrete wall in order to create space for windows or cut through large boulders of concrete to cut them into smaller sections. Concrete wall sawing or even plunge sawing are two of maru gujarat the many concrete cutting techniques that are utilised within such major projects. Each technique uses specialised tools that are very dangerous to operate. Therefore, hiring commercial concrete cutting professionals is very beneficial as they are equipped with high expertise that is needed to operate such tools.

What Is Concrete Wall Sawing?

Often referred to as track sawing, concrete wall film indir mobil sawing is an effective method of concrete sawing that can be utilised to strengthen concrete walls and floors. Ideal for precision cuts, high accuracy and deep sawing.

There are  numerous powerful and uniquely versatile machines available, including Pentruder, Tyrolit and Hydrostress powered by Hi Frequency electric or diesel, petrol and electric hydraulic. The largest can cut to a depth of 1000mm from one side. Companies have an  extensive track for these machines to allow mounting of up to three cutting heads for efficient and quick progressive cutting operations.

Benefits Of Concrete Wall Sawing

Concrete wall sawing has been recognised as an established concrete cutting method due to its overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness. What’s great about concrete wall sawing is that it offers noteworthy benefits compared to traditional concrete removal options.

Not only does concrete wall sawing provide a reduction in downtime, but it also offers a reduction in noise, dust and debris. Along with a determined precision cutting process, this concrete cutting technique has the capacity to cut heavily reinforced concrete, allowing the ability to maintain structural integrity.

What Is Plunge Sawing?

Concrete plunge sawing is a method of concrete cutting that offers deep penetration with a flat saw cut face on the concrete. Plunge sawing is a very competent concrete cutting method for openings without overcuts and is perfect for creating openings such as window frames and doorways.

For many concrete cutting companies, plunge sawing and square corner cutting is not a problem. Pentruder, Tyrolit and Hydrostress plunge saws and ICS Diamond Chainsaws are utilised for penetrations, which require no overcutting.

Benefits Of Plunge Sawing

Plunge sawing concrete allows for precision cutting made easy. It can let you make a perfectly precise final cut in one go without the need to manoeuvre the material. As the name suggests, a major benefit of the plunge saw is that you have the ability to make hassle free plunge cuts. Plunge saws are very sophisticated and accurate. Rather than the guard retrating to expose the blade during the cutting process, the plunge saw has a fixed guard, and the blade is exposed when plunging the handle to the pre-set depth.

Do You Require Specialised Concrete Wall Sawing And Plunge Sawing Services?

There are many concrete cutting companies that offer concrete cutting services, however, the quality of their work can sometimes fall short of expectations. When searching for a specialised concrete cutting company, ensure that they are equipped with only the best practices to get the job done right.

Ensure you look through their website. This will provide 123musiq.ws you with a great idea of how reputable of a business they are and the types of projects they have completed in the past. It can also be very beneficial to look through their online reviews. If it is possible to do so, get into contact with someone who has utilised their services previously in order to gain first hand knowledge about the quality of their services as well as their customer service.