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Ultherapy: Don’t Believe In Misconceptions

Nonsurgical cosmetic treatments have been around us for a decade, so you will find loads of rumors on the search engine as well. When a new treatment comes to light, people have myths or assumptions about it. However, these myths may confuse somebody who is considering the new therapy. Same way, ultherapy also have some misconceptions like laser treatments Toronto; let’s take a look at them here:

It purges the need for surgery

Ultherapy is used to tighten loose and sagging skin in regions around the forehead, chin, and neck without surgery. But keep in mind that, this therapy cannot replace the result of a surgical procedure. Ultherapy can be the best choice for you if you are only starting to see signs of looseness or sagging skin in the upper or lower part of your face (or in both areas). But you do not get the desired results from Ultherapy if you have substantial sagging or loose skin. In this case, your surgeon can advise a facelift or brow lift that will help you achieve more drastic outcomes. There are four forms of brow bone reduction that surgeons often use

You need to undergo several treatments for the best results

While certain nonsurgical procedures need a sequence of treatment sessions for the best results, Ultherapy is not the case. After just one treatment, often people get the outcomes they expected. However, when it comes to the type of outcomes you achieve from this treatment, it is critical to have realistic standards. Right after the injection, you can see some difference in your skin laxity. But the final effects of Ultherapy can be seen after a couple of months from the treatment. While you only need one treatment for Ultherapy, some people experience that if they repeat the session every year after their first session, they are better able to maintain its results.

Ultherapy is very painful

Ultrasound energy is used to promote collagen formation and to tighten the skin.  The earliest method of ultrasound was very painful, but technological progress made this technique much easier. The feeling is often characterized during recovery as a tingling or slight burning.

Ultherapy results last only for a couple of months

Whereas the effects of nonsurgical cosmetic treatments like Botox or injectable fillers survive at most for several months, the results of Ultherapy are a little longer. The outcomes from Ultherapy are irreversible, technically speaking. You will still be a little younger than you would be otherwise as your skin will continue to age.