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Two Absolutely Essential Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycles are tons of fun, but they can also be quite dangerous in the hands of someone who isn’t vigilant about safety. Naturally, purchasing a good motorcycle policy through an insurance broker like Good2go Auto Insurance is one essential type of protection, but your insurance policy is only the beginning of the protective measures you should take. Your motorcycle insurance can help repair damage if you have an accident, but it’s always better to avoid the accident completely. You can practice the essential motorcycle safety tips discussed below to be as safe as possible while you enjoy the open road on your bike!

  • Observe Helmet Laws

Motorcycle laws in many states in the US state that when you are on a motorcycle, even a small one like a moped, you must wear a helmet. Even in states where it is not mandatory, you should also be aware of the advantages of wearing a helmet. Following the law is always important if you want to avoid traffic citations, but there is also another compelling reason to wear your helmet: Personal safety.

Sure, you may feel confident that you’ll never be in a wreck due to your own errors, but remember that when you’re on a motorcycle you are very much subject to the errors that others may make as well. Motorcycles are involved in a disproportionately large amount of collisions in the country today. For example, regarding auto insurance in Longview, Texas only around three percent of all insured vehicles are motorcycles, but they are involved in about ten percent of deaths on the road.

  • Watch the Weather

When you’re on a motorcycle, you need to be extra cautious about the weather. Since your motorcycle is so much lighter than most vehicles, it can more easily be swayed when you’re on it, and this can happen especially easily in inclement weather.

If there is water, ice, or snow on the road, proceed with great caution. In fact, it’s best to avoid bad weather driving whenever possible. If you can’t avoid taking your motorcycle on the road in bad weather, make sure to leave a large amount of space between yourself and any other vehicles on the road. This allows you more reaction time and can help prevent dangerous skidding when you have to apply the brakes suddenly.

Use your motorcycle insurance policy as a backup for your great motorcycle safety skills. There is no reason that a careful and smart motorcycle driver can’t enjoy the open road just as much—or more! —than those behind the wheel of a car. As long as you approach your personal safety the right way, you’ll be able to enjoy the time you spend on your bike as thoroughly as possible.