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Top Reasons ‌Your Pet Dog Poops Indoors!

The joy of pet parents who have potty trained their pup successfully has no bounds. It can be a moment of pride that their little one has implemented the learning conveniently. However, the same may not be the case with some older pets or dogs with specific health issues.

You can expect a few poop accidents now and then if you have senior or sick pets at home. Pet insurance for dogs can help you provide your four-legged companion with the medical aid they need without causing many financial hassles for you.

Purchase cheap dog insurance covering your pet doggo for accidents, third-party liability, vet visits, medications, diagnosis, and treatment for specific health conditions. Pet medical cover can significantly reduce your annual pet health expenses. So, purchase a policy to guard your savings.

Meanwhile, read on to know some of the most common reasons for your house-trained pupper pooping at home regularly.

Why does my pup poop indoors frequently?

The possible reasons can be changes in your dog’s diet, routine, environment, health troubles, etc., to start with.

1.Health issues

●    Intestinal parasites

One most common intestinal trouble pet pups may deal with are worms. It may cause inflammation in your doggo’s gastrointestinal tracts and raise the urgency to eliminate it, which can be why they end up pooping inside the home. The common symptoms of worm problems are blood/mucus in stools and diarrhea.

●    Food allergies

Some dogs can be allergic to dairy products, chicken, beef, lamb, wheat, etc. If your dog is intolerant to any food ingredient, it can manifest as skin infections or gastrointestinal troubles. A few common symptoms are excessive bloating, noises in the stomach, soft stools, and frequent poops.


Dogs may get more anxious, reluctant to go outside, or develop cognitive dysfunction issues or dementia as they age. Senior dogs may tend to forget some learned behaviors and end up pooping in the house. Also, if your pup has bone and joint problems, they may have difficulty walking up to where they need to poop.


If your dog didn’t get enough time outdoors to poop, they might well relieve themselves indoors. Maybe you should increase the span of your fluffy pet’s outdoor schedule. Sometimes, your doggo may want to sniff places and discover new smells, sounds, and views outside. They may engage in new experiences and forget to pee/poop.

4.Routine changes

Dogs thrive on schedules. Suppose your dog’s routine is planned, with regular frequency of having meals, heading out for a walk, and playing; your pupper will be mentally prepared for it. As your doggo completes one task, they may very well know what will be coming up next. Your fur baby can be taken aback when the order of events or other things in the environment change, which is why they may poop inside the home.

5.Diet changes

Abrupt changes in food items, products, or treats can cause gastrointestinal issues. It can be a new canned item you bought for your doggo, or your doggo just dug into the trash can and swallowed a mouthful of junk. Sometimes even subtle changes or consumption of foreign items can have a negative effect on your pup’s pooping routine.

If you find your puppy pooping many times, they may need an urgent vet visit. Meeting your vet is essential to get to the bottom of the matter, to rule out any medical conditions contributing to the sudden pooping behavior.

Your doggo may be covered for particular medical issues with cheap dog insurance. Yet, you can always choose a higher plan if your pet needs a broader cover. Look for pet insurance for dogs online, compare quotes, and purchase a policy.