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Top 8 Free Accounting Software for Small Businesses

While free accounting software for business may seem like a myth, there are tons of options out there that can help you manage your finances.

So, while you look for online invoicing software, make sure you check out what costs you could entail. To save you the hard work, we have compiled some of the best accounting solutions that are free. Of course, these have versions and integrations that can cost you, but their basic versions are available at 0 costs.

1. Moon Invoice

First on our list is Moon Invoice, which makes sure all your accounting and invoicing needs are covered. It is ideal for small businesses and works well across iOS, Windows, and Android platforms. What’s more? It lets you handle your business revenues with a single screen!

2. ZipBooks

ZipBooks is another popular free accounting tool for small businesses. It lets you generate reports, sync bank statements, manage expenses, pay bills and create invoices.

But, if you need to make online payments to your vendors, you will need Square or Paypal. For this, standard PayPal and Square rates will apply.

If you can extend your budget, you must try out ZipBooks’ integrated payroll option with Gusto. It is available at $39 per month plus $6/user/month. For a limited time, you can use the core plan. You can buy it for $19 – a flat rate for the first 180 days.

3. Akaunting

When it comes to purchasing online invoicing software, Akaunting can be a good pick. It offers all features a small business needs for fulfilling its accounting needs. You can use it to track payments, manage customers and vendors, and set up recurring bills. But, if you need to use more advanced features, you will need to take the help of third-party apps that will cost you an annual fee.

Well, creating an Accounting account is free of cost, but as you navigate this solution, you will realize that you will need third-party apps to function fully.

4. SlickPie

SlickPie is a great tool and free accounting software for business. It provides you with email support and lets you generate unlimited receipt entries for 10 different companies in a single account.

SlickPie also lets you create estimates and quotes and convert them into professional invoices. Besides, it also lets you connect with PayPal and Stripe accounts for free. This means your customers can pay you with cards or make PayPal payments, and you simply need to pay Stripe and Paypal charges.

One feature this online invoicing software lacks is reporting. If you are hoping that you can extract valuable insights from this software, you will need to consider other options.

5. GnuCash

If you are searching for free accounting software for business, then GnuCash is a solid choice. To get started with this software, all you need to do is visit its website and download it!

It is ideal for small businesses and offers job costing functionality, vendor tracking, and invoicing features.

6. CloudBooks

A known name in the industry, CloudBooks provides access to unlimited users, lets you create projects and invoices, track time, and provide accurate estimates.

That being said, you would want to upgrade from the free version if you want to send out more than 5 invoices a month. The paid version starts at $10/month.

7. Zoho Invoice

Your search for the best free online invoicing software ends with Zoho Invoice. The free version lets you access and automate five workflows and send invoices to five customers with a single account.

You can even use it to customize brand invoice templates, interact with customers, and track expenses with ease. Besides that, you can track time and calculate billing hours for your projects.

If you want to add more users, you can simply do it for $2 a month or $20 a year.

8. NCH Express Accounts

Another free desktop accounting software on our list is NCH Express Accounts. The free version of NCH Express Accounts supports the accounting needs of businesses with less than five employees.

It lets you generate up to 20 financial reports and analyze revenues by team member, customer, or item. Moreover, you can easily manage accounts payable/receivable through this tool.

9. Dukaan

Dukaan is the simplest tool to start, build, and grow your business. It provides all the necessary tools to name your store, add your products, get recognized, and start selling online. 

If you want to create professional and successful invoices for your business, you will get all comfortable with Dukaan. All you have to do is to simply insert your company and business details, check and verify them, and in the final phase, craft the perfect invoice for you. Dukaan is the invoice generator tool that will ease your work, make it more simple, and help you work quickly. 

Make sure you appear professional in your industry by sending out individual invoices, while also using other tools from Dukaan.

Wrapping Up

Using free accounting software for business is a great way to increase your business’s bottom line and avoid monthly costs.

Yet to try out an online invoicing solution? Schedule a call with us to know more about the best accounting solutions in the market!