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Top 5 Low Cost Application Development Platforms

There has been a recent explosion in the number of choices one can make for their web and app development solutions. This is the result of the rapidly growing requirement for mobile apps that can run across multiple platforms and devices, ranging from Android phones to enterprise desktops. The top low code application development platform sheer variety of devices available makes choosing a proper one challenging. A wrong choice can mean limiting your investment in a particular solution. Fortunately, the competition between these diverse solutions is immense and there are now several well established enterprise solutions available on the market. Here is a look at some of the leading low cost solutions available:

OutSystems vs Cloudcade:

One of the first decisions you have to make when choosing an app development platform is whether to go with a community built application or a proprietary solution developed by one of the giants in the industry such as Intuit, NetSuite, Business Objects, or Appian. While both services deliver a similar experience, there are key differences to consider. For one, benefits of Rapid application development platform requires an in-house staff who constantly updates and monitors the project, while Intuit allows you to take advantage of the full source code repository hosted on the Intuit website. Also, Intuit’s card scanning software needs a merchant account which may prove costly for small businesses. On the other hand, outsourced application development platforms like those developed by the aforementioned solutions deliver a complete solution with all the features required by the business.


One of the most legacy application modernization platform benefits for enterprises today comes from the popular Brazilian company Appian. Although a relatively new player in the industry, Appian offers a number of high end tools including a full blown CRM, which includes customer relationship management and marketing data integration solutions. The company is also known to offer a hosted CRM solution along with its core business solutions offering including analytics, web analytics, social media integration, in-app purchase, in-app coupons and e-commerce. While other platforms are simply built upon existing technology, Appian’s comprehensive range of tools helps it gain ground on its competitors.


Basecamp is well-known for its simplicity of use and extremely low cost of acquisition. This makes it a very viable option for small businesses looking for an out-of-the-box platform. However, the platform does not have an in-house developer support which limits its appeal. An external developer can be hired for the purpose, though at a significantly higher cost.

Allmax Apparel:

Founded by the legendary clothing designer Mario Moretti, Allmax Apparel designs high end apparel targeted at women. Its apparels include clothing for men, women and children. The company’s core product is leggings which it markets under the names Bloch, Burdock, Chiffon, Corvina, Delfin, Grishko and Le Reve. The apparels are designed with comfort, quality and style in mind. The Mendix vs outsystems vs wavemaker vs powerapps alternatives can easily update the app via the Android SDK. An in-house developer might prove too costly for small business owners who are looking to launch their products through this platform.

Coder Cafe:

Codeers Cafe is a web-based application development platform that enables business owners to quickly and easily create new website content. It comes with an in-house development community and a variety of pre-designed templates for your website. Users can also upload their own application, and the organization has the option of letting the community update the software for a fee.


Another web based application development tool that allows programmers and designers to work together remotely. The firm specializes in custom software development and works with global clients. The company offers several tools that help developers work out of their office while still working with their client’s specifications. With these tools, they can update the code remotely and collaborate via email. Moreover, it allows developers working with them to get access to their client’s files.