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Top 3 PPC Tips for Amazon Sellers

Does your business rely on Amazon sales? Do you have your brand and products displayed on this platform? Then, chances are you’ve heard about Amazon pay-per-click(PPC) campaigns. Every big seller now uses Amazon-sponsored advertisements in their marketing strategy. 

With Amazon PPC, you can blast your business to the top of Amazon’s search results, increasing your sales and profiting from them.

Proven Amazon PPC Techniques You Should Know

The primary goal of most companies is to only boost sales with Amazon PPC advertising. However, you have to thoroughly plan out your moves to get more than just sales.

With a well-thought PPC campaign, you can successfully launch new products, increase your long-term profits, and expand your potential audience.

So, what exactly do you need to improve your Amazon PPC campaigns? Let’s discuss it together.

1. Research and Bid on Long-Term Keywords

It’s pretty hard to rank for high-difficulty keywords, especially if your business is still new. Bidding for short and challenging keywords will burn your budget in no time. You must conduct deep research before even running your PPC campaigns.

The first operation in your ERP software is to identify your long-term keywords. Long-term keywords are more specific and easier to rank with. They allow you to rank only for those who are really interested in your products. Yes, your reach will be lower, but your overall margin – a lot higher.

2. Use Negative Targeting

This is one of the favorite productivity tips of professionals. As mentioned above, tight and hard keywords can burn your money pretty quickly. And you know what can also waste your money? Ranking with keywords that don’t convert. That’s when negative targeting can really save the day.

But what is negative targeting? Simply put, you find keywords that drive clicks but don’t convert and exclude them from your target list. 

These tactics help to rank only for relevant keywords, and your budget is spent on clicks and customers that can potentially convert into sales. 

3. Use Brand Keywords

PPC campaigns are great not only for boosting sales but also for raising brand awareness. However, not every competitor plays fair. For example, the European funding network is a charity program that will play fairly regarding PPC campaigns and optimization. However, you can’t say the same about an average Amazon seller who wants to be at the top of the results.

That’s why you need to bid on your own brand keywords, or your competitors can use this chance to rank their brand under your name. This ensures that the first products that appear for your brand mentions are your products, not ones from your competitors.

Final Thoughts

Amazon is now larger than ever, and it will continue to grow. One aspect of a seller’s trip is advertising. The PPC campaign is the real deal regarding Amazon advertising, but it is far more beneficial than you could guess in the first place. You must optimize each phase of the process to maximize your returns. So, make sure to follow our tips to create better PPC campaigns!