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Tips to avoid water seepage through your basement

It is a known fact that water is a very big enemy for the longevity of your basement. Rainwater can easily leak into a concrete floor if not checked on time. The new homes being constructed now are developed with a robust and durable waterproofing system. It is very important to get your basement secured carefully with the help of the interior and exterior waterproofing services from a renowned company in Toronto.

The basement with leakage problems can result in water seepage, and others experience the growth of fungus, mold, etc., because of the growing moisture in the concrete. Such a situation can be disastrous for any home. It is best to avoid such problems from the very beginning. Here are a few tips that can help you to avoid water seepage through your basement –

You must look for causes like open floor drainers, leaky pipes, clogged drainage systems, cracked walls, lateral pressure, and hydrostatic conditions and attend to them on time to avoid any water seepage through your basement messing your valuables.

You need to keep your downspouts and gutter clean to channel the unwanted water away from the basement foundation. The collected water will otherwise get clogged and seep into the foundation. Try cleaning the downspout and gutters every year to avoid a blockage.

Also, spread a silicate-based paste on the concrete flooring of your basement to cover the small holes and prevent the water from filling in.

Try fixing the cracks and holes that are visible. This is the best way to prevent wet basements. You can apply hydraulic cement to fill up the cracks in the floor. This sealing of cracks will not allow the water to seep into the floor.

Maintenance of the landscape around the basement helps prevent water from seeping into the floor. With the soil around your basement with proper slopes, you can easily keep the water away from your building. You can add dirt to keep the water in the soil.

You can also plan to install a proper drainage system. New homes are now being constructed with a drainage system that includes curtain stains, sump pumps, etc., to keep the water away from your basement floors. You will have to dig up the foundation to manage the repairs for this process. An exterior waterproofing company can do this for you.

Most water risks usually occur from outside the building, but issues like drain pipes can cause interior leaks too. You must check your sinks, toilets, showers, etc., occasionally. Also, replace the old lax water pipes with new ones immediately.

Wall waterproofing is another way to avoid water seepage into your house. You can either go for exterior waterproofing or an interior one, but you will require the help of an expert to get it done.

Thus, these tips will ensure that your basement can stay protected from problems like water seepage, leakage, and wetness. Try implementing them from today only to get instant results.