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Tips On How To Pick Paint Colours For The Interior Of Your Home

Have you renovated your home to fix structural flaws whilst preserving your home’s defined architectural character, and you feel like something is still missing? Well, more than likely, that something is colour – a renovator’s secret weapon.

Did you know that depending on how your crown molding contrasts with your walls can essentially make the ceiling look like it has lowered or raised the ceiling? Or that a ready and skilled use of colour can transform one living space into an energetic place and another into a chill spot ready for you to relax and curl up into a book?

In today’s modern homes come open-plan living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms where the rooms are usually one large space. Colour is utilised in these spaces to help characterise and produce focal points. The difficult part however is evaluating what paint colours to use and where to place them. So, here are numerous tips from residential painters in Sydney on selecting interior paint colours to give your home rich personality.

Utilise A Colour Scheme To Match Your Home’s Interior Furniture

When selecting a colour scheme, first start by choosing three colours from a current object in your home. This can be a pillow from your lounge room, your favourite shirt or even a painting. Find three sample paint strips with these colours. Choose one of the three paint colours as your wall colour and save the other two to be used around the room in furnishings or fabric. To select the colour for adjacent rooms, take the original three sample paint strips and choose another colour. Finally, choose a fourth colour that can be used as an accent colour within the space. Add a splash of this colour into each room of your home to make a connection between the spaces.

Choose Colours To Match How You Wish To Feel In The Room

Many painting professionals say to choose colours based on how a room is used and the mood you wish to portray within the space. It is suggested to paint social rooms such as dining rooms, kitchens and living areas in warm colours, and private rooms such as home offices and bedrooms in cooler hues.

Research has shown that the colour red will enhance your appetite, blue and green colours are calming, purple is liked by children but not adults, and the colour yellow is very inviting. The colour yellow can also stimulate the brain, so it may be worth considering such a colour for rooms where homework is done or where you are working from home.

Understand Your White Shades

It is well known that whites come in a large variety. Pure whites are made without any tinted undertones hence why they are favoured by designers who wish to showcase certain pieces of furniture or artwork and are generally used on ceilings to create that neutral scope overhead.

Many whites can either be warm-toned with yellow, pink or brown undertones or cool-toned with green, blue or grey undertones. Utilise warmer whites in rooms where lots of natural light is present and use cooler whites to help open up a space.

Determine The Finish Of Your Paint To Create An Alluring Effect

Flat paints have increased stain resistance, although a satin finish is best for walls as it helps to draw attention to imperfections. Semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes have been thought to be the best paint finishes for trims where they accent the curves of the molding profile or the panels of a door.

However, in today’s modern society, finishes are being utilised to produce visual effects on walls. One wall painted in a flat or satin finish, and the adjacent wall painted in a semi-gloss finish can create a corduroy or velvet effect once the light bounces on the Interior designers In Kochi wall. It is willing to keep in mind that the higher the gloss, the more sheen and the more attention you will be drawing to a surface. Used strategically, colour and gloss together can highlight your home’s best features.

Transform A Room To Feel Larger Or Cozier

Crisp whites can often make a room feel larger and more open than it usually is, whilst warm colours create a sense of intimacy. At a very basic level, larger rooms are able to take on more colours compared to smaller rooms.

If you are wishing to produce a friendly and cozy space within the entrance of your home or in your study, darker hues may serve you better than pales tones.

Do you require painting services from a reputable painting company?

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