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The meaning of colors in logos

In the process of creating a logo, the most crucial aspect to consider is choosing the colors. It is particularly difficult to choose when you plan to utilize a number of colors in your logo.

It has been scientifically established that certain colors trigger certain emotions within people. Marketers make use of a trick. However, it is crucial to realize that nothing is based on color. There is no winner color. It is important to comprehend the issue in full. Don’t be a fool when selecting the color.

What is the Logo?

Logos are the image for the brand.Half of the success rate of success in business is dependent on the design of your logo. How beautiful,interesting and memorable the logo will be. What successful your business can be. A lot of people do not realize the power of a logo and design the first logo that appears in their the mind of a business owner.

After a time, you could rebrand.Improve the old logo. Make a new, trendy well-designed, appealing and attractive logo. What colors should you choose for an identity? What feelings and associations do this or this color create? This is the question you will be able to answer through this piece.

Red color

Every color is associated with positive emotions and emotions, but as well negative ones. The color red symbolizes energy, strength, passion and attraction. At it’s same time it can trigger anger or rage, fear anger and even aggression.

Some brands are not suitable for this color. However, at the same time red will show the strength of your company. It is important to determine what impact you’re hoping for. If you are trying to convince clients to take decision Then red is the ideal color.

If your company’s name is linked with extreme sports or hobbies, you can utilize red. This color is suitable for businesses that make energy drinks. A few examples of the most well-known brands are: H&M, CoCa Cola, Nissan, Heinz, Netflix, Canon, KFC, Lays, Toyota, YouTube, Lego, LG, McDonald’s.


This color is a great way to express positive and pleasant feelings. It radiates positivity, love warm, joy, and warmth. It is a wonderful color can be found on items for children. It is true that this color creates feelings of joy and celebration. Below are logos from well-known companies: Chupa Chups, Nerf, Ferrari, Ikea, Hertz, Denny’s.

Orange color

It’s a mix of yellow and red. What is it to do with just colors however, in terms of its effect upon the human mind? Orange is more mellow than the fiery red. It’s more relaxing as it is calmer, more serene, and more cosy than red. It’s a color is often associated with home comfort warmth, kindness and warmth and happiness. It is also associated with friendliness, happiness and sunshine. Due to this color numerous companies use these color in their emblems and logos. Some of the most well-known brands using this color include Fanta, Nickelodeon, Timberland, Jet.

Green color

The most tranquil color. The color can be associated with an active lifestyle, peace and nature sports.This color encourages an active lifestyle and assists in relaxing emotionally.

The green color is a symbol of peace, harmony and balance. If you choose to use the color moderately. If you dilute it with a different color and it will not create an overwhelming amount of emotions , as yellow does.

If you are looking to design an identity that represents balance and harmony, you should consider using green. This color is particularly suitable for chains of hospitals, pharmacies and clinics. Also , for beauty clinics. Logos that promote eco-friendly products. SUBWAY, Monster, ECO, mint, Spotify.

Blue color

This color is soothing and relaxing and gives a feeling of safety. It is also known in the category of cold colors. It can cool and provide a pleasant atmosphere to work. This color is perfect for businesses that provide legal services, banking as well as medical facilities. Logos examples: Samsung, BMW, Mazda, Visa, Nokia, Nasa, Gap, Philips, Windows, Volkswagen.


It can be said that purple and red have similarities. It is an associated color with strength as well as strength and endurance. It is a color is royal it is the color of royalty and spirituality. In contrast to red, purple is much more gentle and tranquil.

Like blue, purple is a cool shade. It is a cool shade. color doesn’t cause excessive excitement and does not require quick choices. The color is more shrewd serene, calm, respectful and confident. The purple color used in the logo is utilized by many large companies. Real logos that have received receptions in these color; FedEx, Apollo, Purdy’s, YaHoo, Taco BeLL, Monster, NYU, Wonka.

White and black color

There are plenty of well-known brands and brands that are successful employing this color. In essence, black is used as the primary color while white is used as an accent color. This makes the logo appears more striking.

Certain, this color will be popular with the owners. In the end, this color is associated with class luxurious, wealth, and glamour. Its white color is a perfect match for its simplicity and sincerity. The most popular brands that use this color scheme include Apple, Disney, Adidas, Honda, Chanel, Lexus, GUCCI, Nike, Audi, Cartier, Zara, Mercedes-Benz, Prada, Burberry, Nestle, Blackberry, MTV.

Choose the color with complete responsibility. For inspiration, take a look at logos that are already in use, popular and well-known brands.If you’re using a variety of colors you must discover the right combination. To ensure that the colors interact effectively with each other.