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The Importance of Knowing Religious Stories and Having Devotion

Life can be very tough and challenging. As days pass by, you will certainly encounter many obstacles and hardships that may hinder you in reaching genuine happiness. There will be good days, but there will also be bad days. 

You will need all the strength and courage to collect, especially when life gets even tougher and more stressful. And who should you trust? Who should you turn into when you feel like the whole world is against you? When you start to feel like you’re getting weaker and more vulnerable, the only one that you can go and talk to is God.

If you have children, may they be yours or your sibling’s or a friend’s, it is best to teach them to build and strengthen their young at an early age. Let them wake up to the reality that they will always have someone who will never judge them and always care for them, regardless of who they are or what they have been.

How can you introduce God to your kids?

Of course, as young people, you need to teach and introduce faith to them to easily comprehend, like letting them read or reading a children bible stories book to them. In that way, they can comfortably learn at their own pace. Often, these storybooks are very colorful and let the readers engage and interact with the scenarios that are happening in the stories.

Things to do to let your kids build their faith

  • Tell your kids that the bible is as important as the other books around them. The writings in the bible tell many stories, like how a man is created. They may find reading the actual bible a little boring at their age, so you should give them a children bible stories book. They can easily learn God’s stories and serve as their inspiration and will to live a simple but meaningful life.
  • Tell them that God is their best friend. When they feel down, they will always have Him. Also, teach them to talk to Him when they are sad, but even if they are happy and feeling greatly blessed. Teach them to believe that everything happens for a reason, and God always has a plan for them. Teach them to be patient, especially when things are not going their way, because God has perfect timing for everything.
  • Teach them to have devotion every day. Train them to pray at all times when they’re thankful, happy, sad, angry, weary, anxious, stressed, and any other emotions that they feel. They must always put God first, no matter what happens. Their daily devotion can include praying right after waking up and reading some bible stories in the morning. Hopefully, they will understand that plenty of blessings will shower upon them, especially when they have their constant faith and obedience to God. He never fails.

When you teach your kids to get closer to God, you also teach them to get closer to you and the people around them.  You’ll be able to form a stronger bond with them. Let God be the center of all your relationships. The kids must learn to build their foundation of faith at an early age, and they should let that faith grow and evolve as they also age. Besides, God performs miracles. When all else fails, it is He that you should turn to. He knows and will only give the best for you; you only need to trust Him.