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The importance of data collected by Mobile Apps

In order to serve customers better, mobile apps collect all types of data. This user data is invaluable for mobile app owners to conduct their business.

In the most basic form, the data will reveal the number of users on the app, their locations, their usage patterns and their transaction history. This can help mobile development experts to better identify and understand their end users and or customers.

In a way these are similar to cookies that you accept when visiting a website. The cookies save your preferences and history in order to deliver a familiar and more intimate user experience each and every time.

Data collected by mobile apps can also have use for external parties. A mobile phone manufacturer in India for example might want to know how many iOS users there are in New Delhi or going deeper how many Apple iPhone 13 users are there in New Delhi.

Such data collected by mobile apps can help establish patterns and contribute to profiling users, in order to better reach them and understand them.

When you know what a user wants and needs then it is more likely you will be able to service them in a profitable manner. Their satisfaction will also echo as they recommend your app to other potential users who may convert to customers in the future.

Depending on your mobile phone brand there are many ways to also limit the amount of data collected by mobile apps in regard to your personal usage.

Security and privacy are important when it comes to personal safety, so giving out any data that you do not wish can be controlled in the app or mobile phone settings. If you are unsure how to access this then you can always look it up online.

If you are concerned about privacy and are thinking of developing a mobile app Elegant Media can help you connect the dots ensuring the best of safety, security and privacy for all users.

Most popular app stores will also insist on a privacy or data policy as part of the mobile app submission. This makes it very clear to potential users on how their personal data will be gathered and stored.

For those at the planning stage of mobile application development you should seriously address the issues of how your user’s data will be obtained, stored and managed. You might even have to decide how long you will hold onto customer data for as this is also an important concern for potential app users.

For governments and authorities as well, the data collected by mobile apps can provide unique insights that can help with a wide range of aspects from urban planning to resource allocation; it is possible to obtain a snapshot at a glance and obtain a better grasp of the situation.

If you are very concerned about your privacy and security then the best thing would be to not use any mobile apps, however this would not be easy in today’s digitally driven world.