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The Future Is Calling For Less Cars And More Trains

In the USA a new $2 trillion in investment and expansion of transit networks across the country could envision a future without a dependence on our crowded roads. The US is home to a network of 4.1 million miles of road and it is the worlds most expensive. 86% of the US public is driving to work and this is some of the highest rates of drivers among commuters worldwide.

The latest infrastructure program is allocating more funding to transit and rail for the public instead of into our highway budget. Budgets like this one would suggest that a bolstering of the rail system has more people focused on commuting on transit, using EV transit and staying off the freeway. Our president has committed to the path of net zero carbon emissions by the year 2050 and it is no wonder that we are introducing these new funding options to achieve our goals.

A greater focus on public transit could mean a revamping of the transportation system across our nation. Corporations as well focus on expanding their services, with bus operators acquiring inter-city coach operators or other transport companies. Investment in more electric vehicles and the chance to find alternatives to the car could lead to fewer greenhouse gas emissions and the chance for us to work together to combat our current environmental conditions. The average city bus is producing 1/3 less emissions per passenger mile than a single occupant in a vehicle. More use of the bus and rail systems could help us to significantly reduce carbon emissions and expenses on our road systems too.

As the funding continues to shift funding away from highways, we can see a greater growth in the job market as well. This budget displacement towards the public transit industry ensures that less cars will be on the roads, but also focuses on job creation for new manufacturing positions, more operators, construction professionals and more. These systems will require experts to build and maintain them as well as run the public transit systems too.

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