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The worst-case scenario for anyone who wants to create an online course on a course selling website is to laboriously design a course for weeks or even months, only to have no one buy it when it finally launches on the course website of the sale. This article is intended to direct and assist you in marketing your online course so that you can be successful online course selling on a course website the sale. The most effective marketing channel for online course selling is one that practically everyone currently utilizes on a regular basis. Unexpectedly, I’m referring to email marketing. Whenever you post something on social media or an online marketplace, you are entirely at the whim of the company that controls the platform. However, with email marketing, you have total control over every aspect, including who sees your emails, the kind of information you sell, and more.  With email marketing, you get to decide how and when your subscribers hear from you. If you don’t have an email list yet then you can follow the following steps to build one for your sell online courses business on a course-selling website

  • Create A Lead Magnet

The first step to growing your email list is to create an irresistible lead magnet. A lead magnet is a free gift you give to people in exchange for signing up for your email list. A lead magnet can be emailed courses, checklists, PDF guides, templates, or any other kind of bonus that solves a problem for your subscriber. To create an irresistible lead magnet, you can use the 3 C’s: Compelling, Contextual, and Clear. To make a lead magnet that is compelling, you need to offer an immediate solution to a small problem. You can find these by brainstorming, engaging with your audience, or browsing online forums for common questions that you might have an answer for. To make your lead magnet contextual, it should be directly related to the value your subscriber is already getting from you. Finally, to make your lead magnet clear, just make it really easy to find. It should be in an obvious spot in your articles and other pages on your website. You can also link to it in your social media profile, email signature, or guest bio. 

Strategies to get your lead magnet to people

Now that you know what a lead magnet is, how it can bring you leads and how to create a lead magnet, we can focus on getting the lead magnet across to people. Given below are the strategies you can employ to get your lead magnet to the masses:

  • Use content marketing

Create valuable content by either documenting your creative process or sharing solutions related to problems your subscribers might be facing, or a combination of both. You can also tease your course or newsletter content to compel your audience to subscribe. 

  • Guest posting

This involves the help of other creators on the same platforms or social circles as you. The host’s audience can benefit from the unique perspective or solutions you provide. This method allows you to create easy inroads into your email list. When looking for opportunities, be sure to make a personal ask and be specific about how you can bring value to the audience of the host you’re reaching out to.

  • Host a giveaway

You can encourage people to sign up for your email list in exchange for the chance to win some kind of gift or even something valuable you’ve created. Make sure that what you are giving away is relevant to what is in your email newsletter. The more relevant and related it is, the more likely your subscribers will stick around. 

  • Make an automated email sequence

Now that you’ve created a lead magnet, it’s time to create a sales machine. For this, you’ll need to create an automated email sequence. You can use the 5-step email sequence to bring people into your sales machine. 

Email 1: introduce yourself and engage the audience

Email 2: share key insights

Email 3: give them a solution for their problem

Email 4: overcome the objections your potential students have to buy your course

Email 5: the final pitch

How Seattle digital marketers assist their customers

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  • Start building your course and selling your list

If you haven’t actually started developing and creating your online course for online course selling yet, then this is the point at which you engage in pre-selling and pre-framing strategies. Pre-selling and pre-framing are marketing strategies you use to sell your course before you actually launch, create or develop it.

The sooner you start building your email list, the sooner you can start making sales (online course selling, learn how to create an online course here). While creating an email list isn’t the only way to create sales, it is certainly one of the, if not the most effective ways to do it.