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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Computing Needs to Data Centers

Sydney is the central economic hub of Australia and is considered the country’s only global city. Likewise, the City of Sydney has generated over $140 billion in revenue for 2019, representing more than 7% of Australia’s total economy. One of the reasons Sydney is globally competitive is its sizeable economic base, which includes international businesses, good governance, outstanding amenities and infrastructure, and a suitable living environment. Even with 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic, Sydney still maintained the number one rank in Australia to contribute to its economy.

Sydney’s globally competitive characteristic comes from a significant number of multinational companies that decided to make Sydney their base city. These companies rely on technological advances to stay ahead of their competition. Likewise, the advancement of technology has changed the way companies transact businesses. Nowadays, the need for immediate data analytics and increased computing power and data storage is the key to a company’s survival. However, most companies will find it difficult to handle more storage and computing power with their internal IT infrastructures. Fortunately, they can hire a hyperscale data center in Sydney to manage their IT requirements for them.

What are Hyperscale Data Centers?

Data centers are often referred to as the powerhouses of the industry. Companies that rely heavily on data analytics and real-time data conversion into outputs will need to have an extensive IT infrastructure. However, investing in an internal IT department to handle large volumes of data can be a costly endeavour. Hyperscale data centers are third-party entities that have invested extensively in IT infrastructure and personnel to manage their clients’ data processing. Companies that do not have sufficient IT infrastructure may outsource their data control to a hyperscale data center in Sydney. Here are the reasons why companies need to hire data centers.

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The Ability to Scale as Needed

Companies that hire data centers can subscribe only to cloud-based solutions that they immediately need and not pay for unnecessary features that they will not end up using. Likewise, if the company experiences rapid growth, they can ask the data centers to scale their computing needs to match their growth. Another advantage of outsourcing to hyperscale data centers is that companies can choose to scale down the computing power and connectivity that they need during lean months to save on money.  

Move All Your Business Solutions to the Cloud

When companies outsource to data centers, they can move all their business solutions to the cloud. Cloud-based solutions will allow them to look up client information in real-time. With all their business solutions in the cloud, company employees can easily access apps and data wherever they are using their existing gadgets as long as they have internet connectivity.

Focus Inhouse IT to Core Activities

A hyperscale data center in Sydney will take care of the significant computing requirements of the company. The company can, therefore, lessen the number of IT personnel on their payroll. Likewise, the remaining IT staff will have more time to focus on its core activities, such as getting more customers or marketing their products.

Compliance with Standards and Legalities

Companies that require their clients and customers for personal details are subjected to regulations under the Privacy Act 1988, which is Australian legislation that legislates how customers’ personal information is handled. A hyperscale data center in Sydney will already have taken care of all legal and regulatory compliances for you.

Outsourcing your computing needs to a data center will give you better monetary gains, more time focused on company core activities and compliance with data handling regulations.

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