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Some Interesting Facts About KuCoin

When it comes to crypto trading, finding a good, reliable, and safe platform is extremely difficult. A platform that is now deemed safe, reliable, and among the best for its safety, overseen by a sophisticated team of security professionals with a sophisticated security system, is Kucoin.

What Is KuCoin?

When talking about Kucoin, it is essential to distinguish between the cryptocurrency KuCoin and the trading platform Kucoin.

So, in reality, Kucoin refers to two things. One is the cryptocurrency trading coin, worth 11.3 US dollars right now, and the other is a trading platform, which is regarded as one of the best.

On this platform, you can find the GME price standing at a 0.01119 US dollars for each coin currently, ltc price which are 48 US dollars per coin right now, BTC prices for 20 thousand US dollars each, ETH prices around a thousand US dollar for one currency, and trade them as well. It is a well-rounded and safe platform for its users.

KuCoin Gives Away Free Bitcoins

Every month, Kucoin, the trading platform, holds a creativity competition. The most creative content creator with a solid audience, who happens to have the most influence that week on the provided topic, wins bitcoins worth 500 US dollars. And that is not all; a single content creator can win up to 3 times in one month. That is 1500 US dollars worth in bitcoin! To win this, you need to create original content for the topic provided by Kucoin and publish it with the hashtag #FreeBitcoins with KuCoin, then submit your content to Kucoin. The creator with the most influence, best content, and the likes is announced as the winner, and these winners are informed by the 10th of the month, while the rewards are given by the 15th of the same month.

You Can Trade Cryptocurrencies On Kucoin In Several Ways

One of the ways you can trade those currencies is using a peer-to-peer system; another is the centralized third-party trading system. While both options have their benefits, some prefer the peer-to-peer system over the centralized trading system as it eliminates transaction fees and is generally more customizable, along with a broader range of methods of transactions as well. An example of trade between the Cardano coin and Bitcoin is the ADABTC trade.

Kucoin Has An NFT Section

Kucoin now also deals in allowing its users to buy, sell, and swap NFTs instantaneously. This new introduction has increased traffic to the platform even more.

You Can Mine On KuCoin

Kucoin has a cloud mining option for users to earn coins while mining. The user can prepay electricity bills or let them be deducted from the final profit. The user can also enter an ownership transfer or perpetual contract.

Overall, Kucoin is a great platform to start mining, earning, and trading cryptocurrencies, as well as NFTs. At the same time, the safety of your assets and account is confirmed due to new technology and competent professionals.