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SEO strategy: 5 Actionable steps to get more better results

SEO has become mandatory for companies doing business online to gain more visibility and online sales. With more businesses coming online to gain more customers, you need to take advanced actionable steps to boost your visibility. 

If you are new to SEO or you have just started, then we are here to guide you with steps that you need to perform to make your SEO more robust. And, if you are just preparing the blueprint for your website’s optimization then these points will for sure help you to take the lead. 

1. Understand customer psychology

What your customers need is a critical thing to know to implement great SEO and take the lead in the online business. Go to your website’s Google Analytics and see what are the most viewed pages of your site. Whether you are a service company or a product company, check out what are the pages that your customers are searching for the most. 

By finding this, you can cater to your customers in a better way and make more sales without running excessively paid campaigns. Analyze each and every page with great attention and check why some pages are not performing up to the mark. If you notice that the bounce rate of some pages is very high, then you need to fix them with top priority and retain your customers. Along with bounce rate, also check other important metrics like on-page time, exit rate, and more. For more assistance, connect with SEO reseller.

2. SEO-friendly URLs

The next SEO strategy that you need to follow is optimizing all the webpage URLs and make them convenient for both search engines and users. When the URLs are optimized with targeted keywords and phrases, it becomes easier for search engines to understand the context of the page and rank it accordingly. 

If the URL has random numbers or characters, it will be impossible to guess what the page is all about. So, whether it’s a blog post, web page, or even your newly-made landing page, the URLs need to be optimized as per SEO standards to gain the maximum benefits out of them. The URL structure should enhance the overall user experience on your site and it should make the navigation easy. 

3. Mobile-first indexing 

More people are switching to smartphones and it has to redefine the entire Internet. Now, people are using their smartphones to perform online searches and buying products. With a dynamic surge in smartphone users, the website also needs to be according to them. Google and other search engines are giving priority to those websites that are optimized for mobile devices. 

So, it has become critical for all business owners to optimize their website, and the content present on the website optimized for mobile devices. The higher the convenience, the more sales, and traffic you will generate from your SEO efforts. If you don’t have an in-house SEO team, then it’s always a smart move to hire a professional SEO agency to get your website optimized. 

4. Proper image management

Image optimization has always been an underlooks aspect of SEO but in reality, it is very important to manage images of your website properly to improve user experience. Most website owners often upload images of high resolution that this thing ultimately slows down the website’s loading speed. As the website’s loading speed is a major ranking factor, it’s important to pay special attention to this SEO strategy or aspect. 

As per standards, a good website should load in under three seconds and it fails to load, then the bounce rate grows up significantly. Use Google’s free tool to check the speed and improve it even more based on the suggestions that you will get from the tool.

5. Avoid content duplicacy

Especially while running an eCommerce business where product descriptions are almost the same from each other, it can create a serious problem in SEO. Even if a normal website has duplicate or self-duplicate content, then Google and other search engines give less priority to that site, if not penalizing them. 

Once in three or six months, always conduct a comprehensive content audit to find and fix such issues to avoid any SEO problems. Google and other search engines want to deliver the best content to their users and that’s why you need to maintain the best content on your website to gain more authority in your industry. When the content is top-notch, your site will automatically start gaining organic backlinks and it will improve the overall domain authority of the site. 

To fix all the issue, you can opt for SEO packages.

These were the top five SEO strategies that you can follow and take the edge in your industry. Provide a better user experience and outperform your competitors by following these simple steps. SEO is a gradual process and that’s why you need to keep on optimizing the website to get the best results.