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Reasons Why You Need a Demat Account for Trading

In the old days, people used to exchange shares and other securities physically using paper slips. But now, the market has expanded, and people from all walks of life have started investing in it. And it is not possible either for the depository or the broker to maintain a proper record of all the trades executed at the exchange. This is where a Demat account comes in. Let’s understand more about it by its definition.

What Is Demat Account

Demat account is similar to a bank account, which is utilized for holding stocks and securities electronically. Demat is the abbreviation of Dematerialised account. The main function is to keep a record of all the shares and securities that you buy or sell.

By providing each and every information about your transactions and orders, the Demat account makes it easy for you to function properly in the share market.  Moreover, after linking with your Demat account, some brokers allow you additional features, such as a brokerage calculator.

Types Of Demat Account

Demat accounts are of three types, depending on the type of user that is using it. These three types of Demat account are as follows –

Regular Account

This type of account is used by traders who are investing in the Indian Stock Exchange and have Indian citizenship.

Repatriable Account

A repatriable Demat account is one that can be used by NRIs to trade securities in the Indian stock exchange. However, to set up this account, you need to associate it with an NRE bank account. Visit Here: topworld56

Non- Repatriable Account

This account is also used by NRIs to trade in the Indian stock exchange. However, in this fund, you don’t get the option to transfer your funds abroad. Unlike a repatriable account, this account requires to be associated with an NRO bank account.

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Uses Of a Demat Account

There are various uses of a Demat account, such as it allows you to hold your securities in one place. Moreover, it also ensures that your holdings are secure and cannot be stolen by anyone. There are several other uses of a Demat account; let’s discuss them in detail.


If you have a Demat account, then you don’t have to carry around the paper slips of all the stocks and instruments that you own. You can access all your holdings with just a single click.

Everything At One Place

Earlier, people needed to keep a separate account for stocks, mutual funds, and gold. But with the changing times, you now have the option to keep all the securities in one place.

Has A Nominal Fee

Demat account charges a small amount of money from investors to manage their securities and for all the other facilities it provides. However, if you don’t wish to pay these fees anymore or you want to close your account, you can easily learn how to close Demat account online and do it on your own.

Cost Reduction

When you trade stock online, you don’t have to face any additional charges, such as handling charges or stamp duty. This reduces the overall cost of the securities that you are buying on the exchange.


A Demat account linked with a broker allows you to monitor all of your securities at one time. One can also analyze the category (market cap) of stocks in their holding. Moreover, it also allows you to see a graph reflecting your portfolio and the way your money is distributed over different types of securities.

Importance Of Demat Account

A Demat account helps its users to hold the shares securely, easily, and conveniently. It prevents any risk of forgery, theft, or losses. It helps you to transfer your securities and shares immediately. Nowadays, the transaction and maintenance charges of the Demat account are reduced. And thus, it is increasing a large number of investors or traders to trade.

Moreover, you do not need to do any manual transactions or record any trading stocks. This function is done automatically by the Demat account. All your transactions, orders record, automatic credit of stocks whenever there is a stock split, company merger, bonus, dividend, consolidation, etc., are maintained safely in the Demat account.

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