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Quirky Make At Home Birthday Cake Ideas, That Your Kid Will Love

Kids are pretty simple yet complex beings! They get happy on the simplest things and sometimes you will be scratching your head to figure out just why they are upset. These little bundles of happiness are your whole world and there is one thing that every kid loves, wanna say with us? Yes, you guessed it! The answer is cake! The creamy scrummy dessert is every kid’s favorite around the globe. The flavors of preference may be wary but we have yet to meet a little kid who says no to a cake. If there is one thing that can a kid more excited than a cake, that is that kids birthday cake! Your little ray of sunshine loves his birthday and half the reason is that frosty piece of heaven.

We know you wanna make your kid happy and for that, sometimes you have to stretch your limits a bit more than usual. So if you are in the mood to do something special for your tiny day then here are some make it at home cake ideas of uniquely quirky cakes. So pick up your whisk and get to work!

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Chocolate Cake with Garnishing of Gems

Gems are the little-colored sugar-coated chocolate balls that are easily available in the market. These tiny drops are very popular among the trouble makers so a cake that is garnished with these will make him all happy and squeaky, just the way you like it. Bake a normal chocolate cake from scratch or you can use a cake mix, coat the cake with liquid chocolate and decorate the top with gems. You can either cover the entire cake with gems or you can make cute shapes with this colored toffee.

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Vanilla Cake with Rainbow Sprinkles

If there is one universal flavor with zero haters, that is vanilla (after chocolate ofcourse!). This flavor is used in so many things and yet is loved by everyone. Make the simply baked cake interesting for your kid by adding colorful rainbow sprinkles. Rainbows are pretty and kids love colors, so we can guarantee that the little cutie will love everything about this cake.

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Ice Cream Cake

Now, this is the time of confession! We are all adults and we love ice cream, maybe a little more than kids. Ice cream cakes are delicious, dainty, and absolutely easy to make. Follow a simple ice cream cake recipe and just before serving add chocolate or flavored syrups on top to enhance the taste. If you can want, you can add a little coffee bourbon on top of your own serving to make it tasty for you, but beware and keep it away from the kids.

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A huge Ball for A Cake

If your kid is a sports enthusiast, then he or she will definitely love a cake that is in the shape of the ball or any other equipment used in the same game. It doesn’t have to resemble a ball in shape and size, just bake a round cake, cover the cake in a frosting that is the same as the ball and add some details with liquid chocolate and you are done! A big ball of cake is ready for serve (pun intended).

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A big Doughnut

We all love doughnuts, now think about a giant doughnut covered with strawberry frosting and mixed chocolate sprinkles and cherries. Mouthwatering, right? Well now imagine how happy your kid and other people would be if you make this a reality? Making a doughnut is easy and you just have to increase the size. So make a big round doughnut and make everyone, including yourself, happy!

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A kid’s birthday is a special occasion, so even if you don’t feel up to baking and wanna spend the whole day with him and her, that is a great way to show them that you care. Leave the tension of the cake on some great online bakeries. Go for Cake Delivery in chennai and enjoy the day!