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Proven sources of passive income in 2021

The fascinating thing about passive income is that it can keep coming while virtually doing other things. At the same time, while selling your product, you are sleeping, freeing up time for hobbies, or enabling you to maximize your earnings by doing something else while still generating previously existing passive income streams.

An individual who works a 9–5 office job and is paid a set salary is an example. This same individual earns a monthly passive income from an eBook on gardening that he wrote over two years ago. In order to make your monthly salary, the office job necessitates direct effort. Both on an hourly or W2 basis, the employee is exchanging their time for money.

What are some examples of real passive income? 

Passive income ideas must meet the following conditions to be included on this list:

Recurring Payments: Passive income is income that is produced regularly with no effort.

Systematization: A systematic process is needed to generate passive income streams. A key component of passive income is the capacity to create and perfect these processes

Automation: Through outsourcing or relying on automated processes, passive income sources may remain completely passive.

Scale and leverage: Once you’ve developed a system that produces revenue, you’ll need to be able to scale it quickly by incorporating automation and other methods that enable you to scale a process.

Income Potential: The total potential income generated by passive income cannot be limited. This is one of the primary characteristics that distinguish passive income from conventional salaried employment.

Online Trading 

Active Investing: Many people wonder if stock trading is a type of passive income. The response, however, will be determined by your unique approach. Active traders would put in a lot of time and effort to make a profit. In reality, their primary focus will frequently be on trade.

Passive Investing: Nobody wants to spend all day at their computer watching stocks and making trades if you’re trying to make a passive income from day trading. Unlike active traders, your passive income can accommodate rather than dictate your lifestyle. Suppose you want to accumulate passive income from any form of Forex trading, for example. In that case, you can trust a reputable Forex broker, use an automated method, or invest by copy trading.

Create a novel! 

The idea that you can upload a digital version of your book once and then earn future payments or royalties for a copy of this work is the secret to producing passive income in all three processes. You are not in charge of selling the book or completing the transaction. This service is provided by Amazon (or other major book retailers). Although Amazon takes a 30% commission on most books, this is a generous charge since it allows authors to concentrate more on writing content and less on managing an eCommerce shop.

Make an online course 

If you think of yourself as an expert on a specific topic, digital products are an excellent way to bundle your knowledge and sell it to those who want to learn. If there are many free blog posts or YouTube videos about what you want to teach, you can compete by creating content that promises transformation rather than education. To put it another way, don’t sell the product; instead, sell the customer’s own opportunity as a result of purchasing your product.