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Personal Loan Online or Through DSA Partner! Which One to Choose?

If you are reading this piece, you must have sound knowledge about personal loans. What makes personal loans so popular is their easy availability and unsecured nature. The borrower taking the loan doesn’t have to pledge any collateral, making them a popular lending option. But what about the lending process?

You can avail personal loans conventionally (applying online) or have a professional DSA partner look after the overall loan application. If you are not sure or scouting about the lending option, this post will help you.

Please go through the comparison between the online mode of personal loans and loans applied through DSA partners.

Perks of Getting a Loan Traditionally/Online

  • Compare Different Lenders

If you choose the online lending mode, you get the opportunity to compare interest rates of different interest rates, eligibility, tenures, hidden charges, EMI plans and additional charges. You can do proper research, and after your satisfaction, you can choose the best lender.

  • Minimal Documentation

Nowadays, you get the advantage of 100% paperless loan application process. All you need is to upload the relevant documents to the lender’s portal, and after the approval, the funds will be transferred to your account directly.

  • Save Time

Online loan application saves a lot of time and the need to visit the brand physically. Browse the lender’s name, visit their website, check your loan eligibility, and simply apply. This saves you valuable time and helps you get approval.

  • Immediate Approval

The moment you fulfil all the criteria of the lender, you can certainly expect the funds to be transferred to your account directly. Nowadays, many lenders offer loan approval just in minutes.

 Advantages of Having Loans through DSA Partners

DSAs mainly do background checks on the application and collect and verify the documents of the professionals looking for the loan. The perks are

  • Doorstep Loan Services

You can expect to get doorstep services if you choose a direct-selling agent. The experts visit your home or office in person and collect all the relevant documents along with your due signature on the loan application. The professionals also help in clarifying doubts.

  • Excellent Customer Support

Direct selling agents are trained to offer the best and most seamless customer service through the process of a loan application, approval, sanction and even after the final disbursement of the loan. They always have a customer-centric approach to ensure that you get satisfactory support from them.

  • Assistance for Approval

In most cases, direct selling agents offer end-to-end assistance to clients. This also includes helping applicants with low credit scores or problems in getting loans due to poor credit scores. They offer the best remedy so that the application gets through.

Closing Thoughts

So now that you have understood the perks of applying for a loan through both options choose the suitable mode that makes it easier for you. If you want to proceed with a DSA partner, hire from reputed brands like Andromeda Loans.

On the contrary, if you are determined with the online mode of option, choose a reliable vendor offering a wide range of loan applications in such a scenario. Never be in a hurry to choose the perfect mode, and don’t forget to check out important terms like repayment tenure, interest to be paid, EMIs, hidden charges, etc.