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Pellet Smokers: Grilled to Perfection

Pellet cookers can smoke, grill, bake, BBQ, and even sear, thanks to the combination of this combustible fuel source with accurate temperature controls. While the use of pellets as a grilling fuel is novel in and of itself, the true innovation lies in the performance of a wood pellet smoker. Many models have pre-set cooking cycles for various kinds of meat, so their uniformity is as impressive as their adaptability. These grills are among the most straightforward outdoor cooking machines; you plug them in, select the temperature, and walk away.

Why pellet stoves have exploded in popularity in recent years is easy to observe. But how can you narrow down all the choices to the one that’s best for you? If you follow our detailed guide, which discusses everything you should think about, you’ll have the perfect smoker in your garden in no time.

Pellet Grills that Stand Alone

Pellet stoves, by and large, are available in freestanding designs, making them easy to move about the yard. Some, like the Victory pellet grill, include bottom storage and side shelves for the prep room, while others, like the gas side burner on a pellet smoker, provide additional cooking tools. These include tailgating and camping essentials like portable pellet grills on a 12-volt or mobile battery pack.

Pellet Grills Constructed-In

It’s typical to see gas grills installed onto link outreach service, but other pellet grills may be used similarly. Only in the Luxury selection will you find built-in pellet stoves; even then, they will be all metal for a modern aesthetic in the great outdoors.

Grills and Vertical Smokers for Cooking with Hardwood Pellets

Pellet grills, pellets, smoker grills, and maybe a few more names yelled by disgruntled grillers that we can’t post here are all common names for pellet cookers. You may have noticed that we’ve used several words interchangeably in the text. The fact that pellet cookers have so many different names despite their versatility may appear puzzling at first.

However, the legitimacy of pellet grills as “grills” is still debatable. Due to extensive testing over the last two decades, we can comfortably call current pellet cookers “grills,” although we do differentiate between pellet grills and vertical wood pellet smokers.

Three Types of Controllers: Non-PID, PID, and PID-Plus

In what way do wood pellet grills function autonomously? The key lies in their temperature controls, which adjust the number of pellets burned and the intensity of the fire to meet the user’s preferences for heat and smoke. Technological advancements have made PID controllers more common in recent years. However, some versions still use older, less accurate methods of operation. Others have introduced ease to new heights by outfitting PID controllers with touch displays, Wi-Fi, smartphone applications, and built-in recipes. Because the guts of a pellet grill are what matters, you must understand the differences between the various types of controllers before making a purchase.

To Begin, Pick Out the Type You Want

When you hear us referring to “various classes of grills,” we’re grouping different models depending on how well they function and what other features they have. There are four tiers of hardwood pellet grills: the ultra-high-end, the premium, the practical, and the entry-level. It’s essential to take your time when deciding which category of pellet grills to buy since here is where you’ll locate the model that best suits your needs and budget.

High-End Pellet Grills

  • Made entirely of high-quality stainless steel for enduring durability in the great outdoors.
  • These kitchens are available in freestanding and built-in forms and complement a wide range of outdoor cooking gadgets.
  • The highest temperature range among pellet grills is perfect for slow smoking, searing, and everything in between.