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PDFBear: The Best Tool to Protect Your Private Files

It is already a known fact that the use of the internet carries a huge risk. Just like a two-edged sword, while it is a medium used to better communications and generally make people’s life easier, it also allowed for problematic situations to arise. Among the most prevalent issues is the unauthorized access of private information that can be used even for illegal transactions.

This is the reason why it is a must for internet users to ensure that the information they upload or sent over the internet is safeguarded. Imagine sending information about your financial status and how to access your banking details. If hackers find ways to breach your email, you will indeed be left with no money on any of your bank accounts.

How to safeguard the files that you send over the internet?

The best solution is to protect PDF. This is a process where your PDF will be encrypted with a password that only you and people that you trust know. This is a very reliable method because unless you authorize the access by giving a password, the file will remain locked. This is also the best way to monitor who are the people with access to the file.

There is no easier and more superior tool to encrypt your PDF files than PDFBear. This is a web-based platform you can trust with anything related to PDF. Not only does it offer services like encrypting and decrypting files, but it also has tools that allow you to modify your PDF, like add texts, images, page numbers, and watermarks. It also converts different file formats.

How to password protect PDF using PDFBear?

The process goes four ways. The first thing that you have to do is to upload your file on the server. You can upload it by clicking the select file button and choosing from your device or directly dragging the file from your device to the workbox. Once you are done, type the password of your file. Make sure to create a unique combination that is hard to guess.

Once satisfied with the password you have created, click the encrypt PDF button. You have to wait for a short while for the processing to finish, although it is guaranteed that it will not take too long. You will be aware once you are done since you will be brought to the download page so you can secure a copy of your encrypted PDF, you may also send it via email.

Easy to operate and convenient platform

PDFBear is known to have the most convenient platform. Firstly, it ensures that every user, regardless of their literacy on navigating websites, will be able to easily access the services that they want. The website has a layout designed to cater even to the most non-tech savvy person, so long as you can read, you will be able to navigate the website without a problem.

Aside from the fact that PDFBear has an easy-to-grasp website layout, its convenience is also manifested through speedy processing. The creators of PDFBear studied its demographic well, knowing that the audience is primarily those who are in the academe or the office, and time is of the essence. Hence, the processing will only take two to three minutes.

A platform you can use anytime, anywhere

One great thing about PDFBear is that it makes sure that everyone can access the services they offer regardless of the platform used. The website is tested across different operating systems, devices, and web browsers before it was opened for the use of the public. Hence, it is not a problem if you have an obsolete operating system or you are only using your phone.

Another feature of PDFBear is its use of cloud storage. This means that the 4-step process will be done online and without the use of your device’s storage. Unlike software which subjects you to the risk of having your device’s performance slowed down, PDFBear only requires you to ensure that you have a stable internet connection throughout the duration of the process.

In A Nutshell

There is no other platform that does it like PDFBear. Besides the fact that it offers top-notch services, it also assures that everyone enjoys the experience of navigating the platform. Moreover, it has additional features of protecting the privacy rights of the users. With PDFBear, it rests assured that you will have your files protected from any type of breach.  Check this web-based software today!