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Path Of Exile 3.21: Build Guide For Discharge Occultist Cast On Death

They often build Discharge Occultist Cast on Death with one purpose in mind. That is, when connected to this support gem spells, it can kill bosses without using any Mana, deal more damage to enemies and only trigger on character death.

You can link them with one of the most powerful spells in the game. For example, it could be an Assassin with Unstable Infusion or a Killer with Hyper Form. Below, we will tell players how to build Discharge Occultist Cast on Death in Path of Exile 3.21 Update and farm POE Crucible Currency more efficiently.

Increased Damage From Power Charges

We chose a Cultist with Forbidden power for more max power charges and increased damage per power charges with a Badge of Brotherhood.

As an Occultist, almost all Lightning damage from Power charges converts to Cold damage. You can put all your resources into doing more damage. But you have no way to clear the map beyond the first six rows of monsters.

Each Power Charge deals Lightning damage, each Frenzy Charge deals Cold damage, and each Endurance Charge deals Fire damage. It can be used only once or twice. These bosses start the fight with reduced damage, which gradually decays over the next eight seconds or so. At this time, players need accurate prevention and enough POE Currency. Importantly, this style of fighting gives you no defense at all, aside from some Chaos resistance.

Adjust The Build

Clearing speed beyond being limited to single target damage is the sole purpose of this build. But it only works for specific arenas without too many monsters. It requires players to buy POE Currency to acquire Body Armor, Jewels or others, which are probably the most expensive items on the list.

Players don’t have much room to tweak builds. Therefore, we recommend preparing all unique gear, such as the mentioned Body Armor, with the exception of helmets and boots.

It is important to remember the order in which they trigger here the abilities. Hand skills first, then helmets, then Body Armor, then gloves, last boot slot skills.

If you want to trigger the skill before the staff and helm discharge, you can use the shattered crown to save the gem slot to increase your damage and get some chaos resistance with stats. Light of Destruction triples your elemental damage, making it the best spell for elemental damage builds.

As Body Armor, you can use it to increase gem level or quality. Lord’s skin is useful as it increases the gem level by 2, but it requires the correct color to be used.

Increase Gem Skill Level

Your maximum number of rages is equal to the maximum charge of Badge of Brotherhood on your neck. This explodes your damage, since you can only stack Brotherhood’s maximum energy, converting almost all damage to use as cold damage. You can find an Affix on Eye of Watcher to penetrate elemental resistance with frenzy mode or just cold resistance with aggro.

You will need three good quality jewels to create the nine regular Jewel slots. Best rarity jewels over any other type of Jewels for more damage, increased skill, Gem level, max power charge and crit multiplier.


You may need the rare boots for the strength, dexterity and Chaos resistance of red Orbs. You can get Flame Golem’s Buff effect. It’s worth noting that because of Dodre’s disregard for jewels with curse effects, your curses will make enemies feel more uneasy. Adds some extra damage in the form of Chaos Damage and Chaos Resistance.

But if you were to use Dodre’s Elixir, you would also take Chaos damage. So be careful with some chaos resistance. You should be able to use three of these for a short time to get nine of all charges. And it leaves you with no room for any other gear.

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Increased Elemental Resistance

Deals damage to your character based on your current boss. This will mostly be cold damage. We recommend Phantasmal for more damage output, combine it with Power Charge on Critical, Empower Concentrated effect Elemental focus and Cast on Death Support Gems for even greater effect.

Curse Frostbite will reduce your cold resistance, but mainly cold damage, you can use an abnormal patch to deal maximum damage to enemies. Elemental Weakness reduces all types of elemental resistance against enemies, and being marked Assassin increases critical strike chance and critical strike multiplier.

For your discharge, it’s a temporary aura. Link it with Divine Blessing Emanate Inspiration and Arcane Surge for more spell damage. Use this setting a few seconds before dying to keep the aggro going.

Arcane Surgeon On death, the anomalous Fire Golem increases your damage by 24%. Divergent Flames of Righteousness grants you more and higher spell damage.

If you have high resistances and a lot of useful POE Orbs, you can also use Vol version to reduce elemental resistances. Use these to kill all Bandits in Act 2 before dying to gain two additional passive skill points.

Since Pantheon only provides defensive utilities, it doesn’t matter what you choose. We chose Soul of Solaris. You reduce elemental damage by 8% to reduce damage from Righteous Fire on the passive skill tree.

Remember to select Pain Attunement and Whispers of Doom and Wand Mastery to increase the damage per charge and increase the critical multiplier against unique enemies. Like Staff Mastery, Critical Mastery Critical Strike Multiplier increases the effect of Aura’s Aura Mastery and reduces the Mana use of the skill if needed.

That’s all, that’s all for the build guide for Discharge Occultist Cast on Death. Hope it helps you build in the game. Wish you a happy life.