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Nigeria’s news

The visible trend towards online gambling has aroused a strong interest from people around the world. In particular, this relates to Nigerians since the best online casino in Nigeria offers most numerous bonuses, slots and game options. It is no surprise that there are many online gamblers there.

Another growing tendency among Nigerians is cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin. Country’s remarkable improvement in the area of economy may be explained by its locals’ switch from standard currency to Bitcoin whose curse is regularly increasing. In this way Nigerians have reached the standard of living where a third of the whole population can afford to use cryptocurrency on a daily basis alongside with gambling on them.

State’s controversial decision

In recent years the government of Nigeria is considering Bitcoin as a menace to state’s economy for the reason of incapacity to regulate citizens who are financially more independent than the country itself. All in all, Nigerians succeeded to sell over 60000 Bitcoins basing a highly impressive sum, answering to what Nigeria government froze all the bank accounts owning a cryptocurrency count. An inherent weakness in such a decision is that people are not able to spend even legal money.

Crypto Gambling or Bitcoin Gambling

Experts affirm that current situation around crypto created some particular struggles in online casinos, but it is still possible to use your cryptocurrency credit card. For the withdrawal player must enter his wallet, the deposit requires casino’s wallet address, and, overall cash transactions will take much more time than they could when crypto wasn’t banned.

No matter what, Nigerians hope that against-Bitcoin policies will be abolished keeping in mind that the future of online casinos is in crypto casinos for next reasons:

  1. All confidential information related to cryptocurrency is extremely secure as their codes only use the strongest encryption methods.
  2. Crypto involving activity assures your total anonymity since it is one of its securing criteria. After all, identity secret is the most important thing for an Internet user.
  3. The world population strives to the unified currency, what will most probably be a Bitcoin, so gamblers should get used to crypto payment methods in their favorite online gambling houses.