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NEET Important Topics That You Will Encounter This Exam

Candidates striving to practice medicine in the country prepare for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) exam, which occurs every year. By qualifying for NEET and scoring good marks in it, candidates open up the opportunity of getting admission to the medical and dental colleges of India. It is quintessential for the aspirants to put their best step forward when appearing for the exam that will play a big role in deciding their future. 

In the NEET exam, questions are mainly asked from 3 subjects, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology from which students have to answer the questions that are based on various topics from these subjects, of varying difficulty levels. While preparing for the NEET exam, there is always a dilemma in the mind of each student due to the vastness of the syllabus, whether to prepare all the topics or else focus selectively on the important topics so that they can score maximum marks from the questions that are based on the important topics.

Here are some of the important topics that you will encounter in the NEET exam –

  •       Physics

o   Thermodynamics

o   Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body

o   Work, Energy and Power

o   Electrostatics

o   Current Electricity

o   Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current

o   Optics

o   Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation

o   Electronic Devices

  •       Chemistry –

o   Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

o   Thermodynamics

o   Equilibrium

o   Organic Chemistry: Basic Principles & Techniques

o   Solutions

o   p-Block Elements

o   Coordination Compounds

o   d- and f-Block Elements

o   Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers

o   Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids

  •       Biology –

o   Diversity in Living World

o   Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants

o   Human Physiology

o   Reproduction

o   Genetics and Evolution

o   Ecology and environment

Now, here are some subject-wise tips on how to prepare these important topics for the NEET exam –

  •       Physics –

o   Learn basic mathematic tools – Basic maths tools, such as differentiation and integration are often used in solving questions of physics. Hence, students must learn these topics and practice them so that they are fluent in the basic mathematical tools needed to solve questions.

o   Do not just mug up all the formulas, understand them – Oftentimes, students preparing for NEET ignore the derivation through which the formula has been derived, thus missing the key concepts used in deriving it. Instead of mugging up all the formulas, students should understand how they have been derived so that they are able to contain these formulas in their memory for a longer period of time. It is often the working of these formulas that is more important than the formulas themselves, in solving problems.

o   Practice problem solving as much as you can – As mostly numerical questions are asked from Physics; therefore, it is imperative that you are well-practised in solving a wide variety of questions Unit and Dimensions NEET Important Questions that can be asked. For solved problems also, instead of directly referring to the solutions, you should first solve the question by yourself and then refer to the solution to check whether you have followed the correct approach and got the correct answer.

o   Make a copy for notes – There are going to be a lot of key points and formulas that you won’t be able to remember just by reading them once. Hence, it would be better if you made a notes copy or a formula copy to write down all the important points you come across while reading a chapter so that they would come in handy when you want to revise before the exam.

  •       Chemistry –

o   Study the given topic thoroughly from NCERT also – All the questions that are asked in the NEET exam are basically taken from NCERT only as the syllabus is based on NCERT. Hence, students should make sure to read the important chapters mentioned above from NCERT before referring to other books.

o   Use tricks to remember tricky concepts – There are several concepts in chemistry that can get a bit tricky to memorize. Tricks are really useful in remembering these concepts. You can either form your own tricks or take the help of your teacher for tricks to learn complex topics.

o   Memorize exceptions without fail – Chemistry has a load of exceptions and it can get difficult quite often to keep track of them and keep them in your memory. Hence, write down exceptions especially in the copy of your notes, and make it a point to revise them daily without fail as there are questions asked from exceptions in NEET.

o   Learn reaction mechanism instead of mugging up reactions – Students often mug up the important reactions instead of learning the reaction mechanism that is followed which is not recommended. Students should learn reaction mechanisms so that they are able to predict the product of any reaction that is asked in the exam.

o   Solve questions after each topic for practice – It is essential to solving questions after learning a topic, especially for physical chemistry, so that you are able to develop confidence in the given topic. To solve questions, you can refer to different books that are available in the market.

  •       Biology –

o   Memorize key points from chapters – Biology has a vast syllabus with many things that are important and should be remembered which makes it all the more important to memorize these key points from the important chapters.

o   Read these chapters from NCERT thoroughly and many times – Almost all the questions asked from Biology are based on NCERT so students should make sure to read these important chapters from NCERT not only once, but as many times as they can so that they are able to retain as much as they can. Visit Here: timesweb.org

o   Revise frequently – Revision is one of the most important things in order to prepare the important chapters of Biology because there are so many things to remember. Hence, students should revise as frequently as possible so that they are able to remember the important points.

o   Pay special attention to diagrams – Diagrams play an important role in Biology and many questions in NEET are based on diagrams. Hence, students should focus on the diagrams they come across while studying and should revise them frequently to keep them in mind.