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MS Excel Interview Questions

There is a top given to questions and answers to Microsoft Excel Certification in Dubai interviews that are often requested in many companies. Let’s look at the list of Excel interview questions.

1) What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is an electronic worksheet or spreadsheet application that is used to regulate, store, and manipulate and analyze data by applying several excel formulas. This was developed by Microsoft.

2) What is the cell?

Areas where data is saved known as cells.

3) Does each cell have a unique address?

Yes, each cell has a unique address depending on the row value and cell column.

4) How can you add cells, lines or columns in Excel?

If you want to add cells, lines or columns in Excel, right-click the cell you want to add and after that select Insert from the cell menu. Insert menu makes you can add cells, columns or rows and to shift the cells that are influenced by the right or down additional cells.

5) How do you format the cell? What’s the choice?

Cells can be formatted using format cell options. There are 6 cell format options:







6) What is the point of comment? How do I add comments to cells?

Comments are used for many reasons:

Comments are used to clarify cell goals.

Comments are used to clarify the formula used in cells.

Comments are used to make notes for other users about cells.

To add a comment: Right-click the cell and select Insert a comment from the Cell menu. Type your comment.

7) What is shown by the red triangle in the upper right corner of the cell?

The red triangle in the upper right corner of the cell shows that there are comments that are linked to certain cells. If you put your cursor, it will display comments.

8) How will you add a comment to the cell?

To add a comment to the cell, you right-click the cell and select Enter a comment from the Cell menu. Type your comment in the comment area provided. The red triangle in the upper right corner of the cell shows that there are comments that are linked to certain cells. To delete comments from cells, lick on the cell and then select Delete comments from the Cell menu.

9) What is a graph in MS Excel?

Graphics are used to enable graphical representations of data in Excel. A user can use any type of chart, including columns, bars, rows, pies, scattering, etc. by selecting the option from the Insert tab? Group Chart.

10) What is the frozen panes in MS-Excel?

Frozen panels are used to lock rows or columns. The locked line or column will be visible on the screen even after we scrolled the sheets vertically or horizontally.

11) which is a type of protection of different workbooks in Excel?

There are three ways to protect workbooks in Excel:

Password protection to open workbooks

Protection to add, delete, hide and hide sheets

Protection of changes in the size or position of Windows.

12) What is the difference between the number, count, count and countblank in MS-Excel?

Calculate is used to calculate cells that contain numbers, dates, etc. The value stored as a number does not include blanko.

Country or counts are all used to calculate cell values ​​that contain numbers, text, logical values, etc. Each type of value does not include blank.

CountBlank calculates cells or empty cells with empty strings.

COUNTIF and countive counting cells that match certain criteria.

13) What is the ribbon?

The ribbon determines the area that runs along the top of the application and contains menu items and the toolbar available in Excel. The ribbon has various tabs that contain group commands for use in the application.

14) Is it possible to hide or show ribbons?

You can hide or display (minimize or maximize) ribbons by pressing CNTRL F1.

15) How to prevent someone from copying cells from your worksheet?

If you want to protect your worksheet from copy, go to menu bar> Reviews> Protect Sheets> Passwords.

By entering a password, you can prevent your worksheet copy.

16) How do you summarize line numbers and columns quickly on Excel sheets?

The number function is used to get the total number of lines and columns, in the Excel worksheet.

17) How can you change the size of the column?

There are two ways to change column size:

To change the width of one column, drag the limit on the right side of the column until you find the desired width.

Select the format of the veranda tab, and in the format, select the autofit column width below the cell. Click this to change the cell size.

18) What are some report formats in Excel?

There are three report formats in Excel: