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Most Recent Patterns in Web Composition

One of the most recent patterns in web composition is the F-pattern. It is a common design pattern that is used to help people scan a page. It places important information on the top of the F and information that is designed to draw someone in from the side. Readers, however, will often look outside the F. Ultimately, this pattern describes the way the eye naturally moves when there is no hierarchy in a webpage toonily.

Horizontal eye movement

Gutenberg is a pattern that applies to text-heavy content. It divides the layout into four quadrants. The grid suggests horizontal eye movements. Using the axes of orientation, readers’ eyes move from the primary area to the terminal area. The concept is called reading gravity. With the help of this pattern, designers can design their pages so that the user’s eye paths are easier to follow. The next most recent pattern is the X-pattern.


The Y-pattern emphasizes a horizontal eye path and is best used for content that is heavy on text. The Y-pattern is the most recent pattern in web composition, and is best suited for content with lots of text. Using this pattern, you can easily create a page with many layers of information. You can reinforce this pattern by using different colors and fonts on the same page. It is possible to design a website with the X-pattern by reusing elements in the same layout.