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Mikhail Vladimirovich Dvornikov – investor from Switzerland

Count Mikhail Vladimirovich Dvornikov (Mikhail Dvornikov)

In the early 2000s, Mikhail Vladimirovich Dvornikov entered the European securities and real estate markets. Most of the capital was spent on real estate purchases in Austria and Switzerland. The majority of the companies included in the portfolio are from Western and Central Europe. Securities are issued by financial institutions (mainly banks and insurers) and select manufacturing firms. No information is available on the overall value of the company’s interests in real estate and securities. However, the company generates more than a dozen million euros yearly.

Brief life history of Mikhail Vladimirovich Dvornikov:

Dvornikov, Mikhail Vladimirovich, is a successful businessman with dual citizenship in Austria and Switzerland. His parents were scientists working in Moscow, USSR, when he was born on December 10, 1971. He grew up in Russia’s capital. He and his family left the Soviet Union when it collapsed and settled in Europe. He holds a master’s degree in economics and studied law at the University of Vienna.

In 1992, Mikhail Dvornikov launched a consultancy firm that he used to provide privatization advice to Russian businesses. Since 1994, Mikhail Dvornikov has put his money towards purchasing privatized companies on the verge of bankruptcy on the secondary market. To this end, he acquired many major Moscow corporations and, in the course of re-profiling, founded the “Savelovsky” and “Stankolit” trade complexes and several other businesses.

Savelovsky Shopping Center (spread over 5 acres of land and 60,000 square meters of building space) and Stankolit are two of Mikhail Dvornikov’s significant investments (15 hectares of land and 100,000 m2 of real estate). In 2006, Mikhail Dvornikov’s real estate portfolio was valued at USD 200 million, and he made a gross profit of USD 60 million that year.

All Moscow’s (Russian Federation assets ) and companies were sold between 2006 and 2008. After abandoning the Russian market, Mikhail Dvornikov focused on the securities exchanges of central and western Europe. He is involved in humanitarian, social, and scientific endeavours and is also a private investor and the owner of several firms in Austria and Switzerland.

With a wife and two little girls. After high school, the younger daughter continued her education while the elder one entered the field of international affairs and diplomacy.

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