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Microdose with Mushrooms: A New Way to Enhance Productivity

In today’s society, hustle culture is the norm. For you to meet your end, you have to work hard and play hard at the same time. It even entails staying late to finish a project, working double shifts to earn more, etc.

However, we are not born to function 24/7. Humans cannot last, so we need to take some time to rest, sleep, or do nothing. Having a quiet weekend off somewhere to recharge yourself would be nice.

Yet, a weekend is not enough. Once the week starts, you must repeat the sleepless night cycle—no wonder why some people seek alternative ways like drugs or alcohol to keep them going.

A Magic Mushroom and Other Psychedelics: A Driving Tool for Better Performance

Caffeine is not the only substance you can take to keep you alert and on the go. Thanks to individual users’ efforts, microdose mushrooms or psychedelics have become widespread.

People microdose to help them in many ways, from self-development to becoming productive. Users who microdose often report improvements in creativity, productivity, and energy. This effect has helped them solve work-related issues, increase productivity, and create new concepts.

In addition, other people report that they have improved their communication and relationships with others. It is said that shrooms in small doses enhance social awareness, making a person more empathic and understanding.

What is Microdose?

A drug of any kind that is taken in small amounts is called a microdose. When microdosing, you consume a sub-perceptual dose of a psychedelic substance without experiencing the mild or recreational trips in regular quantities.

Magic mushrooms usually cause hallucinations, altered perception, mood changes, visual and auditory enhancements, etc. In higher doses, users experience a shamanic trip, interconnectedness, or a feeling of oneness with their surroundings.

The alteration in one’s thinking and function is due to the presence of psilocin and psilocybin. When the latter turns to psilocin, it attaches to the serotonin receptor and mimics serotonin’s actions.

Serotonin stabilizes your mood, increases your feelings of happiness, and so on. However, psilocin does not only act on the 5-HT2A receptor. Instead, it also affects the so-called Default-Mode Network (DMN).

There is no physical location for the DMN. It is the function of the brain that is responsible for thoughts, daydreams, self-reflection, etc. Excessive activity of the DMN can lead to overthinking and is related to depression.

When mushrooms are taken, the psilocin will decrease the activity of DMN, leading to less self-doubt and ego. When this happens, the person is free to do anything without overthinking it. Hence, this effect is linked to the treatment of depression.

A Study of Psilocybin and Mental Disorder

Most studies on the relationship between psilocybin and mental disorders use large doses. There are only a few studies regarding microdose.

Psilocybin positively affects a person’s mood and anxiety. The Beckley Foundation found that the active ingredient in mushrooms helps people with major depression feel better over time.

A study at John Hopkins showed that 80% of smokers were able to quit their habit thoroughly after their cognitive behavioural therapy. It means that psilocybin is linked not only to depression treatment but also to substance abuse treatment.

Since shrooms show promising effects, there is a reason why people believe that microdosing with mushrooms can impact a person’s life. The only difference between the two is the dose of the mushroom.

How Do Magic Mushrooms Work?

Studies on microdosing are still in process, and no results are available today. But there are survey results that show how users respond to microdoses.

Respondents of an international survey mostly commented on improving their mental health. They described experiencing improved productivity, creativity, and focus. In addition, they encounter fewer levels of depression and anxiety.

The issue with this survey is the lack of scientific evidence and the possibility of its ending up as a placebo effect. Furthermore, the survey lacks information on what dose and schedule the participants’ practice.

Animal Study and Microdose

However, there is an animal study to back up the respondents’ claim. A UC Davis study used microdoses of DMT on rats. Then, they place the untreated and microdosed rats in a pool without escape.

It shows that the untreated rats gave up while the microdosed rats continued swimming and escaping.  They associate it with an increase or improvement in resilience and optimism.

Although animal results are not directly associated with humans, these findings can give us an overview of how psychedelics might affect our brains. Also, many people say that they have tried to microdose, which makes it very tempting to try it.

Individuals who used them swore by how much they helped them in their tasks, whether it was a placebo effect or an effective microdose. They have seen positive changes in their behaviour, better output, and improved relationships with their team.

How to Microdose with Magic Mushrooms?

Since you’ve heard about the effects, you’d want to know how to microdose with mushrooms. It’s not a complicated process.

Microdosing with shrooms requires only a few things to remember.

  • Know your dosage.

There are different types of magic mushrooms. Each mushroom has a different quantity of psilocybin. So, pick a mushroom like Golden Teacher for a beginner-friendly dose if it’s your first time.

The dose can range from 0.25 to 1 gram depending on your tolerance, mushroom strain, method of ingestion, metabolism, etc. The best thing is to start at a low quantity.

  • Method of ingestion

You can consume your mushroom in many different ways. The most common practice for microdosing is using capsules. However, you can opt for tea or edibles.

  • Set a schedule

You might want to microdose daily to enjoy its effects. However, experts suggest that it’s not the ideal schedule. Instead, allowing rest days is crucial.

One method that people use for their microdosing regimen is the Fadiman protocol. In this practice, you have to microdose on day 1, skip days 2 and 3, and take another on the fourth day.

It would be better if you continued this cycle for several weeks before you could experience its effect. If you don’t want to use this method, you can find other ways to microdose with mushrooms.

Most users recommend microdosing in the morning since it increases brain activity. As a result, you’ll end up having insomnia.

When it is your first time, you will feel a little dizzy because your body is adjusting to something foreign. Eventually, you’ll feel fine and be able to incorporate it into your daily routine.

Where to Buy Magic Mushrooms?

Now that you know how to microdose with magic mushrooms, it’s time to get some shrooms. You can buy dried mushrooms and microdose with them, or go for ready-made capsules and edibles.

Zoomies Canada is your online dispensary where you can find all things mushroom related. They offer high-quality and lab-tested shroom products. You can stock up with your microdose capsules or get a bar of chocolate to have a delicious experience.


A microdose of mushrooms shifts the way your brain functions, but not into a hallucinogenic experience. Instead, you get to be more productive by increasing your focus and concentration and becoming more creative with your tasks.

Despite the lack of studies, people are still keen on implementing this practice as it positively impacts them. They have improved and excelled in their task and built better relationships in their workplace.