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Men’s Wrap-Around Sunglasses: Who Should Wear Them?

Along with being an important part of one’s wardrobe, sunglasses serve a practical purpose. True, they can add a trendy and adaptable element to your clothing, but they also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. As such, eyewear that blocks out UV rays, pollution, and heat is known as sunglasses. Lowering glare makes travel, walking, and participating in sports safer. Meanwhile, many individuals have difficulty selecting the ideal pair of men’s wrap-around sunglasses since many designs are chosen. So this article will go over the many sorts of sunglasses and how to pick the best ones according to your face type and preferences. 

So sunglasses that wrap on the face are called wrap-around. In terms of protection, they also have some of the broadest fields of vision. 

Diamond-Shaped Face: Does Shield Sunglasses Suit You? 

  • Wide cheekbones and an arched jawline characterise diamond-shaped faces. Diamond-shaped faces are more profound in the middle, as a rule of thumb. 
  • This unusual face shape’s most prominent feature is its cheeks, which wrap-around colours beautifully highlight. 
  • If you have a diamond cut face, look for wrap-around sunglass versions with moderate curves and distinct brow lines. The eyes plus high cheekbones look particularly lovely when framed by rimless shields. 
  • Avoid glasses wider than those on your cheekbones if you have a diamond face shape because they can be unflattering and overpower the face. 

Oblong Face: Opt for Oversized Frames 

If your jawline, cheeks, and forehead are all relatively close, or the lower half of the face is longer than the upper, you most likely have an oblong facial shape. Since oblong faces have long, narrow features and softer contours than their square and round counterparts, large, wrapped shades with ornamental temples are a great choice. As such, a pair of men’s wrap-around sunglasses is a great idea to protect your eyes and skin and enhance your facial features. 

Round Faces and Appropriate Sunglasses

  • Shields with angular edges draw attention to the wearer’s round face. 
  • Fuller cheekbones, a broad forehead, and less defined angles characterise a round face. Softer jawlines are seen in people with round faces. 
  • Look for triangular shields that will flatter your face’s curves when looking for wrap-around shades. When worn high on the temple, sunglasses can also lengthen the face. 
  • Take care to make sure that your sunglasses aren’t too small. Sunglasses with small lenses give inadequate protection and don’t look as lovely on round faces as those with larger lenses. 

Square Face: Rimless Shields Will Round Out Your Angular Features 

Faces with a square profile include broad foreheads and well-balanced cheekbones. Their length and width are roughly equal, like round faces, but their jaws are sharply angled. So it’s best to wear a shield and tie shades with frameless frames for this facial shape. Wrap-around frames with a slightly curved shape might help soften the sharpness of the face. 

Choosing the Suitable Wraps for You 

  • Don’t let the fact that a style of curl sunglasses or shields isn’t recommended for the face shape stop you from wearing them! 
  • Sunglasses are made to protect your eyes from dangerous ultraviolet rays from the sun. As such, even though the style is essential to you, it is essential that you give importance to safety features. 
  • Play about with wrap-around designs and wear whatever feels good.