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Market Trends to Follow

Today it’s, “Hey Google, replay the previous song.” Tomorrow it’s, “Hey Google, where should I eat dinner?” Today’s marketing is changing at the speed of the internet. Here are some trends in marketing that will keep your business growing.

Get Help

First, if you are a small business, you may not have a marketing team. However, even if you’re a one-man operation with no background in sales, there are pros out there to help you. Consider contacting someone like Eyal Gutentag who can guide your marketing strategy and is on top of all the latest small business solutions. Even if you don’t hire a marketing professional, there are loads of blogs out there that can get you started.

Think Voice

More and more homes use some sort of voice-enabled smart speaker. Research indicates that over half of homes will have one of these speakers, regardless of brand, in 2022. Even with cell phones, voice searches are becoming more popular. In order to really grab this audience your business needs to optimize its SEO advertising to fit with voice requests for information. The way people talk to technology is different from the way they type questions, and they tend to have different expectations of the results. If you aren’t taking that into account you will be losing possible leads and the problem will grow as reliance on voice queries increases.

Diversify Strategy

Again, if you’re background isn’t in marketing, or you’re not really comfortable with using the internet regularly, your small business may fall into an online marketing strategy that only uses one way to reach an audience. Maybe you have a Facebook account you use, and so that becomes the only platform you use to reach your audience. The fact is you’re better off trying many different channels to reach your audience. Social media and influencers can be one way to reach your audience, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be optimizing your SEO and investing in SEM advertising. Work on getting your customers to tell their friends, but also work on getting your business linked through other content.

Reinforce Basics

From the Kardashians to Coca-Cola, nearly anything can be a brand and your business needs to be one of them. Before you invest a dime in advertising, you must define your brand. The internet reaches billions of people daily, and not all of those billions are your customer base. Take the time to identify your ideal customer and how that person looks in every aspect of her life. Defining her age, income, needs, wants and self-identity will not only allow you to focus your marketing but identify opportunities to use cross-over marketing with associated influencers on social media or blogs. You aren’t just selling a product or service but the image that goes with it. Get your focus back on the basics and your expanded marketing in other directions will come more organically.

Preparing your business for the marketing of the future can feel like an overwhelming proposition. You don’t have to do it on your own. Get your basics in place, plan for the future and ask the experts.

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