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Looking for a new hobby in 2022: learn how to make your own stickers

2022 is fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions and how we want to change our habits going into the New Year.

Or maybe you’re not a believer in resolutions, and you want to learn a new craft. 

Understanding how to make stickers is a great skill to have and an enjoyable hobby. It’s also handy because of the fact that you can use customized stickers for so many different things.

We’re here to tell you step-by-step how to make your own stickers. We’ll also give you a cheats guide if you only want to do parts of the process. So let’s get started. 

Step one: Design

The first step is all about creating the correct artwork. And it’s often underrated because people don’t realize how important it is.

Having good quality high resolution, or vector artwork sets you up for success and ensures you have a great-looking personalized sticker.

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There are different options for design. You can take the professional route and download a design tool such as Adobe illustrator. There are so many great tutorials on YouTube that you can learn the basics in a relatively short time if you’re comfortable around computers.

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However, if going full-on pro isn’t for you, you can choose a more beginner-level program such as Canva or Graphic by Sticker it.

These tools have thousands of premade designs you can quickly personalize. Change some of the colors, add your text, and within 10 minutes, you can have a really good design that takes almost no skill to achieve. 

The vital part of the design process is that ultimately we need a vector file. Vector artwork is made of maths equations rather than a bitmap file made from millions of tiny pixels.

The positive about vector artwork is that you can scale it and adjust it without losing any quality. You can also use the vector outline to tell the cutter where to cut, which we will discuss later.

Step 2: Printing

Printing is the enjoyable bit.

You get to see your design created in front of your eyes coming off the printer.

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If you’re starting and making stickers as a hobby, we recommend keeping the printing simple. If you’ve got a color laser printer at home, use that. If not, you can pick one up for a few hundred dollars. 

If you want to get more serious, there are wide-format entry-level machines from companies like Roland. They look like this:

Step 3: Finishing

Finishing can involve many different things, for example, laminating, varnishing, adding special effects, or cutting.

Laminating, varnishing, or other special effects require expensive machines, so we won’t focus on them. However, you can Google to see and learn more about them.

In terms of cutting, you have 2 options.

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Option one is to buy pre-cut sheets from somewhere like Amazon. You might get 10 circle stickers on a single sheet, and you print directly onto it in your A4 laser printer. This means you don’t have to cut your stickers so you can produce stickers quickly.

Option two is to buy a small cutter. If you’re printing on A4 sheets, a popular cutting method is the Cricut small hobby cutter, a fantastic little machine.

If you went for the wide format printer above, you’d need a much bigger cutter, something like the Graphtec machines. They are excellent but will cost about $7000.

And that’s it. Making a sticker needs three quality ingredients; a great design, beautiful printing, and detailed finishing.

If you have any questions about anything we’ve said in this article, please comment below, and we will do our best to answer them. Thanks for reading.

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