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London City Smiles – Explaining how Invisalign braces work

The Invisalign revolution has changed the world of braces forever, leaving clients with beautiful smiles without the need for more intrusive mouth wear.

You may have seen advertisements for them or even met people who wear Invisalign braces, but you probably still want more information about them.

Here we will look at what they are, how they work, and what you can expect when opting for Invisalign braces.

How exactly do Invisalign braces work?

The principle of Invisalign braces is the exact same as the more traditional, “train track” braces: straighten and align teeth based on the shape of your mouth.

Everybody is different, including the size of our mouths and our oral health conditions. Therefore, an initial consultation and scan to see exactly how your mouth is made up is necessary to have the perfect aligner for you moulded.

Transparent aligners will shift your teeth into place once the mould is in place. You won’t notice the effects overnight because it takes a while for it to happen, but Invisalign braces are extremely effective in getting the results you desire.

The mould will have to be changed now and then to accommodate for the alignment of your teeth working. Therefore, dental visits will be required for you to get new moulds formed.

Why are they superior to more traditional forms of braces?

The most obvious reason for their superiority is the appearance of Invisalign braces – they’re hardly noticeable!

It’s a remarkable step forward for orthodontists who can offer patients this unintrusive option that can save potential discomfort in the mouth, and maybe embarrassment from steel braces.

The comfort of wearing something that is discreet can’t be underestimated and, while the price might be a bit higher, it serves as a price worth paying for those seeking the ease of not having semi-permanent and invasive steel braces fitted.

Not only this, but Invisalign braces work faster on average than “train track” braces. Your Invisalign braces, when fitted by high-quality orthodontists at London City Smiles, will usually take 6-12 months to have noticeable and significant effects.

Compare this with the 18-24 months it takes for traditional braces to work, you can understand why many people have opted for the Invisalign option.

Improved hygiene

You will be able to remove and clean the Invisalign braces too, which is advantageous over more traditional braces which are often screwed in. This has been cited as a big problem for traditional braces that leave remnants of food between the steel wires and are difficult to clean because they are fixed.

The ability to remove the Invisalign aligner from your mouth will mean that you can clean your teeth optimally. If you imagine the steel braces fitted into your mouth without the possibility of removing them, fully cleaning them will be a lot harder.

If your teeth are severely misshapen, an orthodontist could very well recommend traditional steel braces because your mouth might require work that can’t be performed by plastic aligners alone.

But the advantages of Invisalign braces far outweigh the benefits of traditional braces. Contact the team at London City Smiles to book your initial consultation.