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Lightweight brick

Lightweight brick, also known as “Aerated concrete” is considered the most popular brick used in house builder บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน and construction in this era. Because this type of brick has developed properties to suit the current climate and environment.

What is lightweight brick?

Lightweight bricks are bricks that have been developed and developed from brick blocks. In order to increase the properties of bricks to be stronger and more durable, the overall appearance of lightweight bricks is similar to brick blocks in size, color and purpose of use created for building walls or walls. The lightweight bricks are lighter than general bricks. Hence the origin of the name “Aerated Brick”.

What are lightweight bricks made of?

Aerated bricks are made from Portland cement, sand, lime, gypsum, water and an aerated diffuser that helps to create air bubbles within the mix before being molded. After the ingredients are mixed in place and hardened, they are cut into cubes of the desired size. When the cutting is done, the bricks are steamed at high temperatures and pressures. To increase the strength of aerated brick for a long service life

Forms of use of lightweight bricks

Lightweight brick is a brick designed for use in all types of wall construction. Especially the walls of buildings or houses รับสร้างบ้าน that do not want heat or sound to pass through less.

The advantages of lightweight bricks

There are many advantages of lightweight bricks. which can be elucidated as follows:

1.Light weight

As the name suggests, aerated brick is lightweight. Because in the production of this type of brick, substances that increase air bubbles are added to the preparation process. As a result, there will be 75% of unconnected air bubbles inside the brick, resulting in less concrete content. The weight of the brick is therefore lighter than other bricks of the same size.

2. Good heat resistance

Because there are quite a lot of air bubbles inside the brick. This bubble is a vacuum that does not conduct heat. Therefore, this brick resembles thermal insulation. When used as a wall or wall, the heat from the outside cannot move into the interior.

3.Good sound absorption

The air bubbles inside the brick are not only insulating but also a good sound-absorbing area. when the vibration of the sound flows into the brick when encountering a gap bubble Sound cannot be transmitted to the other side of the brick. making the other side of the brick inaudible. This makes a room or house made of bricks free from outside noise.

4.High durability

Bricks have very well designed components and ratios. Thus resulting in bricks with high strength and durability. Especially bricks that are steam cured at high temperature and high pressure will have higher strength. Because the brick has been fully stretched and contracted.

5.It is difficult to ignite.

Since aerated bricks are thermally insulated, they are prone to flammability. Because of the built-in channel, the heat generated will not flow into the inside of the brick. Therefore, the contact heat that will cause the brick to ignite is minimal. causing the brick to catch fire or erupt due to less flame as well

6. Easy to build

Aerated bricks are cut with modern tools. The size of the cut bricks is the same size. This makes it easy to use to form walls or walls. It saves time in construction as well.

7. beautiful

Bricks have smooth edges, the joints in the construction are small, close together, the construction work that comes out is beautiful.

Disadvantages of lightweight bricks

Aerated bricks are not the only advantages. But there are still disadvantages for you to consider together as follows.

1. Use only  mortar in construction.

Aerated brick masonry must use mortar specifically for lightweight brick masonry. Cannot use common mortar for construction

2. Use a serrated trowel.

Aerated masonry requires a serrated trowel to screed the mortar between the bricks. Do not use other types of trowels such as trowel leaves. trowel leaves, pho, gouache, etc.

3. Must attach a steel bracket

The masonry must always be aligned with bricks. To hold the bricks together and prevent the finished wall from falling to the column or main structure.

4.High price

The price of aerated bricks is higher than other types of bricks such as mon bricks and block bricks.

It can be seen that aerated bricks are considered bricks that are suitable for the current climate in hot weather. Because it prevents heat from entering the air as well. And although the price is higher than other types of bricks.

But compared to the quantity and time spent in construction. Using aerated brick will save more time. Make the construction work progress and complete within the specified time.