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Light Up Your Occasion With Flame Boxes

A beautiful and unique idea for wedding favors is to include a flame box. These small, lighted containers can be used as keepsakes for your guests. In addition to serving as beautiful decorations, they can be a thoughtful choice for the special day of your life. The box can be personalized with a name, date, and message of your choice. The flame boxes can double as a place setting for your next special event.

A ceramic artist

A Greek tradition is mpomponiera, a small box that holds kofta, pebble-like sweets. Guests can use these as wedding favors, which are also great for gifts. A ceramic artist can create a one-of-a-kind container for their guests, and engrave stones to put them in. Other options include flip-flops and beach towels. These favors are great for a summertime wedding, since the sand will keep the guests comfortable while they are on the beach.

In Last

A smoky, romantic vibe is another option for a wedding favor, and flame boxes are a unique way to do it. These favors feature a candle inside, and each one is personalized with your names. They are also the perfect size for your guests to hold and use. Plus, the scent from the candles will be delightful for your guests! A candle is a perfect gift for any guest.

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